Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it okay?

I'm not really sure about what I should write on this, but I thought I could tell you a story from the Boy Scout novels I thought about ever since I finished my goal, but my Mom told me that she has a bad feeling that people who are dishonest while looking at my blog, might steal my ideas. So I might as well ask if that might be okay if I ever told a story that I plan to write about when I think of ideas? I was a bit jealous to see that my Mom got to write her story on her blog called Kiylee's Christmas (there's a lot of posts for each chapter she wrote, so you may have a chance to going through all the posts that say chapters 1-14). I wish that I could tell you a story, but I might as well make sure my Mom says that it would be okay, as long as there isn't anybody dishonest that would want to steal my ideas,