Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going to Grandma's

Last Christmas, we were trying to get a lot of stuff prepared for Christmas before we did something fun for that. Right when we got everything cleaned up, we then went on our way to Mt. Pleasant to go see our Dad's mother's house. The people that went were our Dad, Mom, Me, Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Sport, Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll. We had to drop off our Mom in Nephi City, at Drama Queen's apartment for a Tupperware party.

Now it was the rest of us that we went on our way to Grandma's in Mt. Pleasant. We sang our favorite Christmas carols in our van and we were planning to do some caroling in front of her house before she opened her front door. We were so excited that we got to visit Grandma. She's so wonderful, just like our Mom told you about her before. We were so excited to give our presents to Grandma. I let her open the gift from me. I gave her a pair of magenta fluffy gloves from a special store near our home called Asian City. She then opened the other gifts we gave her, like Tupperware dishes that added Party Mix Chex, Muddy Buddies, and Carmel/Nut Popcorn. We totally enjoyed the treat she made too. Lemon Buddies, kind of like Muddy Buddies, but lemon flavored. It was fun going to see Grandma. But at 9:00, we had to be on our way home, because some of us had to go to bed, because it was a school night. Going to see Grandma was a lot of fun. Do you ever get to see a kind relative for Christmas? If you have, then that's wonderful.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Candy Canes

There is one Christmas tradition I haven't talked about yet. We have a garland that goes around our kitchen with twinkling lights on it. There's something special we like to do with it. We hang candy canes all on it. We buy like a dozen packages of candy canes with different flavors and hung them all around it. We don't put the candy canes on our Christmas trees, just the garland, because it's a way so that little kids won't sneak into them without asking.
On special occasions, like a Christmas Party, before a group of people leave, we let them have a candy cane off the garland to eat or to take home with them. Candy canes are like the sweetest treat around this time of the year. We use the garland for candy canes to make it special. And putting candy canes on it is a better way so that they won't fall and break.
Lots of the kids love a lot of different flavors. They mostly like Gobstoppers, Starbursts, Sweettart, Cherry, and Blueberry. They sometimes, like Peppermint and Hershey Mint. I kind of like lots of flavors, but I'd better be careful with sugar for the holiday. I wish there were candy canes that were healthy for everyone, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen.