Sunday, July 31, 2011

Laughing Line

These videos I have found that my one of my teachers from school told me that they were funny. These Pro Line Football Commercial videos just make me laugh sometimes. If you watched them and say you like them, that'd be great, if you don't like them, that's okay. Everyone has opinions on everything.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bicycle and Rain

It was just earlier today of what I had to do before the Charity Race on Saturday, for my cycling merit badge in Scouts. My mom wanted me to go on a long bike ride as long as I can to stay in shape for the Charity race. So I went out the door, checked the bike tires, but my water bottle in the cup holder, and started to peddle. I noticed outside that there were dark clouds, looking like it was going to rain. Right when I started to ride, I heard thunder, but I kept on peddling, and went around our block just like I always do.

Right in the middle of the ride, I felt big raindrops falling all over me, I kept stopping once in a while to have a water break to stay hydrated. Then, things just got worse, the rain came down really hard, it felt like a hailstorm. I was about to call my Mom to come and pick me up from the rain, but I didn't want my cell phone to get wet. So I kept on going while in the hard rain.

Right when I was almost home from the bike ride in the rain, the rain started to stop and then the sun came back out from the clouds. It was a relief that the rain stopped when I was going through it. I should have learned a lesson about going on bike rides or not going on bike rides, depending on the weather. So I'm going to try to ride a bike when the weather is more nice than this, before the Charity Race. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to get in shape for it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movie Memorization

There are a lot of things that I have been doing since I was like a little kid, as an autistic one, I have been watching a lot of these movies of The Lion King and A Goofy Movie. All my life, I've been quoting from each of these movies. And now, I have memorized all of the quotes from each of these two. Here's a quote off the Lion King, "He'd make a very handsome throwrug. And just think, whenever he get's dirty, you can take him out and beat him."
There's also a quote from a Goofy Movie, "If I were you Mr. Goof, I'd seriously reavaluate the way you're raising your child, BEFORE HE ENDS UP IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!"
That's really amazing for an autistic guy like me to memorize all the quotes from two movies like the Lion King and A Goofy Movie.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Art Examples

I have lots of art that I have made up on my own. These are a lot of pictures that I thought of in my own imagination. I like to use those pictures as I wrote stories.

I liked drawing fantasy dragons like this one with a prince and princess riding on it.

I liked drawing animals, including elephants like this one, with six kids feeling a bit intimidated of an elephant doing a bunch of bizarre things.

I liked drawing people with talents, like these boys showing off their muscles. That can be a talent to anybody.

I liked drawing people with action, like these two kids dressed like super Halloween heroes. A boy dressed like a hero with a pumpkin cape and a girl acting like a witch.

Those are some of my art that I sometimes like to do every time I have my own ideas of how to make life a bit better.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stunt Man

I hope you think that I could get in trouble for doing this, but my brother, Gymrat thinks that I could be a stunt man for him. So I thought I could show him my own stunts by just showing off the way I'm doing this kind of stunt on this Carolla car. Gymrat would've thought that it was one of the most hilarious stunts that anyone could ever have. Gymrat's stunts are going to work out, and my stunts are passing off merit badges in Boy Scouts. That's how we are like best brothers on Twelve Makes a Dozen.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Idaho Temples and Fun

My family and I went to Idaho for an out-of-state trip from our summer list. We saw lots of exciting things there like these four LDS temples.

This one is called the Boise temple. We saw that in parts of Boise, when we saw an amazing Car Show Parade at the Capital City.

This one is called the Idaho Falls Temple. It was right by the snake river where there was a wonderful split in the river. That was when we realized that it was Idaho Falls. And those falls were for the part of the temple.

This one is called the Rexburg temple. This is the one that my sisters, Princess, and Prima Donna and I did baptisms for the dead. And in Rexburg we also visited our aunt and uncle Liola and Bill whom the rest of the siblings call, Daisy and Donald Duck. That's because Uncle Bill has the talent of doing the Donald Duck voice. That's really funny.

Anyway, this one is called the Twin Falls temple. We were at the city called Twin Falls where there was a waterfall right across a bridge and we saw that there were two waterfalls. That's where it got its name called Twin Falls.

Going to Idaho was the most exciting adventure than anyone has ever done, especially the part where we saw a Car Show Parade in Boise which that's Sport favorite thing in Idaho. We also loved that Messa Waterfall at the park in parts of Rexburg. Everything in Idaho was full of exciting things. I wish you want to see everything there is in Idaho. Hopefully you'll get to go to Idaho someday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Fitness Fair

Some years in our family, there used to be an activity at our church. It used to all happen in the summer that we did with our ward. The activity that we did with our ward was called the Family Fitness Fair. All we had to do is head to the church and get ready to take a walk around the block. We walked by South Jordan Middle School where my sisters Princess and Prima Donna go to for school, and we passed our neighborhood. Then we went past the light and then past Jordan Ridge Elementary School where my sister and brother, Crafty and Sport go to for school. And then we walk a bit and then we turn into a neighborhood where it has a park called Jordan Ridge Park. And then we walk all the way out of the neighborhood and then we head straight past Prospector Park and then by Bingham High School where I go to for school. And then we head back to the church where there is a carnival set up and tables full of breakfast food. Family Fitness Fair was a lot of fun in the summer, but then it was discontinued. I wish that we did again so that the whole family would try it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Believe

I have a story to tell you about how I did with Youth Conference. It happened in June from Wednesday to Saturday. On Wednesday, we had a meeting show of how this Youth Conference was going to work. Our slogan for Youth Conference this year was called We Believe. Some of our ward was coming with us, I was the only member of the family that got to go, because my Mom and Dad and my siblings were not included and also, they had a dance recital. Anyway, the next day, it was the day that we got to go to the Youth Conference Trip. We were going to Goblin Valley in Moab. It was a long drive to get there. We got to a campsite in Moab and we started to set up camp there. After we set up camp, we went on a short hike into the Goblins. It was raining a lot in the goblins. We have been there for like hours, but we didn't go a bit far when we got into the Goblins and did lots of climbing on the goblin rocks. The next day, Friday, we left the camp and we went to part of Goblin Valley again and we went on a long hike in the mountain, but the coolest part was climbing on the rocks. We walked for four miles to our destination called the Dry Waterfall and four miles back to the parking lot. I had a lot of energy to be in the front on the lead that I never suffocated on the hike. That was a really fun hike, even though that it was very long and a bit hard.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sport and Curly

These are my little brothers, Sport and Curly. They like to play together and have a good relationship with each other sometimes. They like to play with their favorite toys like Hot Wheel Cars. Or even the new spy cars from Cars 2 I gave Sport for his birthday.

And speaking of Cars 2, Sport and Curly are really excited to go see it this summer, they think that they want to play with cars that work like James Bond or some other secret agent.

They also like to see cool cars in real life like this monster truck I found and saw in our neighborhood. I can tell it's a monster truck, because there some flames on the front that work for a bumper and also, the tires look really bigger and taller. Sport and Curly sure like cars a lot, it's like restarting a life that works like becoming an epic guy.