Saturday, February 25, 2012

Choreograhpy Merit Badge---I wish

This might be a big strange. But this is a merit badge that would've existed and would've been fun, and I thought it would count to the requirements that I've made up, and I wish it was part of the other merit badges that are in the Boy Scouts of America Program. I would have told the history of how choreography was invented and how it has been enjoyed for centuries. And then describe different kinds of dances, like hula, foxtrot, square dance, ballet, etc.

I have been in three ballets, now I'm on my fourth ballet with Sleeping Beauty. The first one was Sleeping Beauty, but the choreography gets different every time we do the same ballet. The second ballet was Coppelia and the third ballet was  Swan Lake. They were all fun, on March 9 and 10, we will do our ballet in Sleeping Beauty.

Now also, I wanted to learn the Moonwalk move and now I have learned about it in the Michael Jackson Experience game on Wii. Speaking about games on Wii, there are Just Dance games that I play much often, because it can be good exercise if you get used to it. I have played Just Dance 1, 2 and 3. Now there is one game that I've always wanted to try. It is Just Dance Summer Party. That would be fun if my family and I had all the Just Dance games and we would all have so much fun playing them as a family.

This would also be part of the badge. It would be cool to do a report on a type of dance and how it can be enjoyable. Like Pop Dancing just like Michael Jackson.I think maybe someday, they might come up with the Choreography badge for Boy Scouts who want to be a bit groovy. Until next time, I'll talk about another merit badge that was (or would be) fun.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Laugh-out Loud!

Just like on BYU parodies, there are these Julian Smith videos that make me laugh. I never knew about Julian Smith before seeing these, until my sister, Drama Queen, showed me some of these videos she likes, like Malk, Beached Whale, and Hot Kool Aid. I found these other videos that make me laugh out loud. I know my Mom's not much of a laugh-out person or a Julian Smith fan. She sometimes thinks I'm weird with this. She thinks some of them are really dumb and ridiculous. If you like to, you can watch these to see if you think they are hilarious or not.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everbody! It is the best day ever. I got to do something really amazing on Valenitne's Day. I bought something before this day to give to my best friend for Valentine's Day and for her birthday. I gave her a heart-shaped necklace, because I thought it was the perfect gift for her birhtday on February 14th. We love to make Valentine's and give them to our friends and school teachers. I'm even giving chocolate bars to my teachers. My mom even made Valentine Day dresses for my sisters Scout and Baby Doll. You can see how cute they are in those dresses. Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday just like Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you enjoy Valentine's Day a lot, then Happy Valentine's Day!
Baby Doll

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scuba Diving Merit Badge

The next fun merit badge I earned was Scuba Diving. It was just barely new before I got to work on it. It was about how to learn to breathe underwater, and to learn some safety rules, and learn the basic equipment. Most of this badge has been taken in a place called Scuba Utah.

At Scuba Utah, there were nice instructors that taught me how to scuba dive. All we had to do was learn the things in the class room and to right in our PADI books. And we had to learn how to put on our BCD gear on at the pool inside the Scuba Utah place. It took like almost a whole week to learn all of the basic technique and to finish writing in our PADI books.

For the required thing to pass off the badge was to do an open water dive. Now there aren't any oceans in Utah,  but there is a place in Utah where you could do it. I went to this amazing Crater in Heber City, Utah. It was nice and warm there. It was an amazing thing that I could've imagined ever. Doing the open water dive at the crater would be much better than in the ocean.

Now the scuba diving badge was hard, but really fun. I just wish I could go scuba diving at the crater again. Some people said they're opening a new aquarium in Utah where they let scuba divers go diving with sharks. I don't want to go scuba diving with sharks. I don't want to be shark attacked, just like Bethany Hamilton. But at least the crater is much better. Have you ever been scuba diving? If you have then that's cool.