Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Blogs

I don't know if this is strange or not for you, but I have made two new blogs for myself, One is for my WRTG 0900 class at SLCC and the other is just a special one that you would figure out amongst yourselves, if you read about it. The two new blogs I came up with myself are Utah Boy Scouts and Kiylee's Christmas. If you would love to check them out just click on the links and they'll lead you to them. I'm sure that you'll be able to love the designs of the blogs and what they are telling about. Tell you soon. I got to get back on some homework, the semester is almost over and I got to get working.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Educational Blues

I haven't got to blog in a very long time, because I was busy with school. Speaking of school, I didn't want to talk about how I felt about it today, because it may sound like that I'm mocking, but it feels kind of true.It happened right today when I was getting some of my educational homework done and that I was a little desperate to be done. I was a bit desperate to make sure my homework was done before the due time. There was a girl scout activity that my Mom had planned for them. I was a little excited about going swimming with the girl scouts and Mom herself. I was having some fun for that while, but some of that time, I was just standing by a wall feeling depressed of myself, feeling like that something was going to happen. At least Mom and Baby Doll just pulled me along to go around the roundabout in the pool. I was still acting a little foolish of myself, still feeling like I wasn't in the mood to have some fun. I probably should've been more supportive with Baby Doll, but at least I got to play with her sometime.

Anyway, later that evening, as soon as we were all settled down from swimming with the girl scouts,  I was just at the moment that my Dad wanted to watch The Sandlot movie that I just bought from Wal-Mart for a five dollar deal, because we couldn't be able to find it very much, ever since the last time we owned it. I only got to see the beginning of it, because that's when Mom was calling on my cell phone telling me that she needed me to come fix some of the homework that she said that I totally did wrong. I was complaining that it's been such a long time that I ever got to see The Sandlot, because it's one of the best baseball movies of all time, especially when it was filmed in Utah. And just about last week at a Bee's game, some of the actors from that movie were on the spotlight at the game. It would've been cool if i saw that, but we didn't have tickets, and besides I had to do some more homework to make sure I was catching up on school.

I was feeling a bit lousy of the way I overreacted with Mom telling me of how I should do my homework. I used to be good at making sure that I did all the homework instructions right whenever I was doing the assignment that was due, but right now, I just feel like that I just want to avoid school for a while and try to find a good job to earn enough money that I could save for a lifetime. I was having a bit of a tissy fit when Mom was saying that I wasn't following the instructions on an educational assignment very well. I guess that she was right about what she said about my attitude causing her to be so angry of the way I feel angry myself about fixing up an assignment at the time I was so excited to watch a movie that is one of my favorites to watch.

Even though I thought that watching was like the best time of the day to do, beside making sure that homework was done. But I guess that I should have thought about it before I've been assuming that's the kind of assignment writing a teacher would accept from any student, like myself. I guess that I have learned something from today that may be prepared for the rest of my life. We do have to learn a lot of things, even thought it's not the kind of learning ability that we expect to have, especially when there's something very educational about some things that happen in some movies, like the Sandlot has educational lessons to learn from. But from now, I've only been learning some educational lessons in reality to make sure that I will manage my life a little. Maybe next time, I should try to think a bit more before I ever throw a tissy fit and feeling anxious to watch a movie that I may either have or not have seen before. I may have some educational blues about this, but I think I'll have to work on how I can get used to the idea of missing something fun and make sure everything on homework is done and to be sure it's all complete and correct. I better get going now. I'll guest blog again soon.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello Seattle

I'm here again to talk about another favorite Owl City song of mine. It is called Hello Seattle. It is a good song, if you ever heard of it. It talks about what it's like to go to Seattle and describe the things that happen there. Whenever I hear the song, it makes me feel like I want to go to Seattle and say hello to it. I hope that you like this song. Here's another video and song of how it goes. If you ever live in Seattle, and you feel like it's the best song you've ever heard, than I appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Strawberry Avalanche

I haven't been blogging for a while, because I've been busy with school. So, I may as well do a quick post. Remember when I was talking about everyone's favorite music artists and my favorite was Owl City. Well I have one of my favorite songs by Owl City put up. It's called Strawberry Avalanche. I know you think that's a strange name, but it's really a good song. It's talking about what it's like to be in the great outdoors, like going on a camping trip. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me imagine of a real live avalanche of strawberries. It makes me feel like that I want to see it for real, as long as people don't get hurt by it. There are other favorite Owl City songs I have, but I think I'll wait until next time to present another one. Here's the song on that youtube video there. I hope you enjoy.