Monday, May 14, 2018

Pie Vlog

It's been such a long time since I got to blog, because things have been going crazy with getting used to marriage and celebrating Mother's Day. I'm not sure if this is what I should be showing you, but Cat Lover and I have been thinking about doing a vlog where I demonstrate my unique techniques of making these pies. The idea came into my mind after Pi Day after I made these pies for everyone to try. I then decided that I could make more pies and show you how I make them. I made this little intro that I'm planning to use for my Pie Vlog. It took me a long time to put it together and find the right non copyrighted music just for it. If you like, I'll plan to do the vlog and show you the demonstrations of my pies If you would like to see more of them, you can subscribe and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites that you can share it with. You can even leave comments below on each vlogpost I put up on YouTube. I hope that you'll look forward to it as well as I am.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Little Apartment

I thought I wrote just recently about the honeymoon that Cat Lover and I have been on. But my mom asked me to do another one, because she and my dad have been having going through the day of helping Catwoman and her little Supergirl go through the custody trial. We're still hoping that things will work out for them.

Anyway. My mother kept on asking me about the little apartment that all of your followers are hoping to see. At first, I thought she was still going to do that, but since I'm living down there with my wife, she asked me to describe of how the little apartment is going for the both us. We're enjoying it so far ever since we came back from the Honeymoon.

The way it looks from the pictures, it sure makes it look exactly like we have entered an apartment with an outdoor hallway, but it still is in my parents' basement. We're so glad that my dad has had the time to get the sink and the oven/stove in full operation for the both of us to use the kitchen appliances. We have been making some meals with these appliances as test runs and they all work really well.

Another thing that we're also glad about having is this Roku television set secured to the wall. We're happy snuggling together on the bed and the couch watching some fun movies and even watching Studio C with the BYUtv app on the TV set. From what we just watched tonight was Fireproof. It really was great to be learning on how to keep a marriage from ever falling apart, just like in the movie.

And speaking of marriage, we're still loving each other, even if we are working at jobs or if we're doing other things that may acquire being temporarily separated during a marriage. Cat Lover sure doesn't want to get a divorce and neither do I. We are still working on making sure we're responsible for the things we're doing in the little apartment. Like, we still have to pay rent, even if the utility bills are still under my parents' household when we're living here.

All right, I just realized that I'm getting off subject with the little apartment. We set it up like any other home could be like. We still have the walk-in closet that we can put our clothes inside and we received these two big red shelves with white drawers to store our things inside. One of them is inside the walk-in closet while the other is being used as a little pantry. Space is quite limited in this little apartment, but we're also working on being careful with our money, so that someday, Cat Lover and I will have our own place to live in and start a family.

I hope that I explained a lot of things that are understandable to see, but I also hope that these pictures do show of how the progress has been accomplished. Now another thing that we need to work on accomplishing is to start making our own family. I'll keep in touch with you all.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Honeymoon

Here's the moment that you've all been waiting. This is the time that Cat Lover and I have been on the best moment after a wedding reception: HONEYMOON! It was quite the time that Cat Lover and I have been on a little vacation as husband and wife. This is how the Honeymoon went. Momof12 set us up to a fancy hotel to stay at for a couple of nights. When we went to the hotel to drop off our things, the hostess there wasn't letting us in, because we didn't have a credit card with us to check in. Cat Lover and I were so stressed out about that, because Momof12 set up a reservation for us, but it turned out that the hostess she talked to before wasn't there and we ended up talking to a different hostess. So they let us in after all, because we had the receipt of proof that we had a reservation set up for the both of us to stay a couple nights.

This hotel was quite interesting. They had these fancy looking lamps the size of a box and they had hotel room locks that don't make you stick a card through a slot, but that it has a sensor to scan your card. We wanted to go for a swim in the hotel pool and relax in the spa, but the evenings inside the pool area were always crowded, so we ended up going to it in the mornings when it's not crazy. We wanted to be by ourselves, because that's where the romance comes on a honeymoon. Maybe on our first wedding anniversary we'll find a hotel's pool to have to ourselves.  We had this entire king-sized bed to ourselves to sleep and snuggle with each other on the nights. 

 Anyway on the first day of our honeymoon trip, we ate a delicious breakfast from the lobby's breakfast area. After having a little bit of a swim and relaxing at the pool and spa, we drove all the way to the district to find some fun things to do during our Honeymoon. We ate lunch at a Denny's where some waiter thought that we looked more like high school students to be a married couple. Well, everyone just has some opinions about how marriages work throughout society. Anyway, after lunch, we went to see the Greatest Showman movie in theaters. It was quite amazing to learn the history about how the circus began in our world and how it became the greatest show on earth.

 After the movie, we went to Neilson's Custard to have a Concrete Shake, one of the most expensive ice cream shakes that are worth buying on a honeymoon. We drove around the district to see a lot of fun things, like new parks that have been made by Mountain Mike's and Neilson's Custard. When we were hungry for dinner, I was going to take Cat Lover to Texas Roadhouse, since she told me it's her favorite restaurant. However, that entire restaurant was so crowded a lot of people had to wait in a long line from outside. There was no way Cat Lover and I were going to wait that long to get food, so we decided to find some other place to eat out. We went to IHOP that was near by and we ordered some delicious food that was quite interesting. They had red velvet pancakes that tasted a lot like the red velvet cake mixes for fancy birthday parties, and many other kinds of pancakes. Cat Lover just chose a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, which that's okay with me. Because as a spouse, you can't expect your own spouse to chose the same meal while eating out.

Anyway, we went back to the hotel to snuggle in our bed some more. This had been a short honeymoon for us, but it was worth the time and effort to have this, since Cat Lover and I have been living in my parent's basement with that little apartment that we're staying in for a while until we make a budget to have our own place to live in. We're happy to be married and we're almost thinking about starting to have children.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cat Lover's Childhood Pictures

I'm giving you an update about these cute looking pictures of Cat Lover as kid. They will be added to the video, I wanted to make these bigger from scanning, but it's time consuming right now and I still need time to adjust these a bit to add to the wedding video. I finally got them resized, so I take back that previous sentence. We're still excited for the wedding. We're looking forward to a marriage. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Cat Lover. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dr. Seuss Bridal Shower

This has been one of the most fun opportunities in our lives for me and Cat Lover before our wedding date. You might all be aware or not that our wedding date is March 2nd. That's the day of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Cat Lover didn't want the wedding reception on that day to be styled in a Dr. Seuss universe, she wanted it to be Springtime, so we decided to do a Dr. Seuss themed Bridal Shower. I wasn't quite sure how that was going to work with me and Cat Lover. But Cat Lover loves Dr. Seuss as well as I do. We decided to come up with clever ideas that represent almost all of the Dr. Seuss books.

It was amazing that Drama Queen had come up with such a clever idea after researching reception and shower ideas. I have a bunch of the stuffed animals and different books that also represent their personality and characteristics. We had to reserve our stake center in order to have the certain day to invite some neighbors, friends, and family members to come for the Open House Shower. It was a little stressful to try to make things look great, but we managed to get it all ready before the guests arrived.

I might as well describe how we represented Dr. Seuss books in the bridal shower decorations. We made sugar cookies that are the shape of the Truffula fruits from the Lorax as well as making little Truffula trees inside jars as centerpieces. We even blew up balloons that represent Oh the Places, You'll Go, as well as having the book for guests to write thoughtful advice for both me and Cat Lover. We had deviled eggs and ham with the deviled eggs being green, to represent Green Eggs and Ham. We also used Swedish Fish packets as the Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, book.

As always, our mom has made a quilt for us to tie up and that Cat Lover and I will snuggle inside it in the future. The quilt has been sewn into the patterns that were lastly made before my Mom's grandma passed away. She made the patterns stitched up and this was the time when my mom used those patterns to make this quilt. A lot of people showed up at the shower, but some of them didn't stay for very long. It took us hours for the whole party to go through and to get the entire quilt sewn.

And as always for bridal showers, the guests brought us gifts that were most likely accessories and necessities that we'll be needing by the time we have a home of our own after we live in the little apartment down in the basement. Although some of the gifts that the guests gave us were duplicates, and they told us that one of them can be returned and that we'll be able to use the refund for something that no one ever thought of buying as a household appliance. Cat Lover and I had a really fun time with this bridal shower, This will definitely be something to remember for me and Cat Lover. We're now looking forward to the wedding.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Ready for Marriage

I know it's been such a long time since I got to blog on here, but it's because that things have gotten crazy. I'm about to tell you the reason why here. Cat Lover and I have been engaged for over four months now and we are looking forward to getting married. We've known each other since the Blind Date that Beauty and the Beast set up for us. Beauty and Cat Lover have been friends since high school, and now they're excited to become sister-in-laws.

At first, however, I wasn't quite sure if Cat Lover and I were ever meant to be as a couple, but once we started knowing that there are a lot of things we have in common, (like we both love watching Studio C) we both had a feeling that we really would be a perfect couple. We did have some hard times, but we managed to work out with them, especially when both the Cat Lover's parents thought only they should help prepare the wedding, when my parents also wanted to help out with plans, since Drama Queen has been loving wedding preps and has been helping out with them for years.

I told Cat Lover and her family that marriages are meant to bring families together to help with one another, not to separate them and have one future spouse's family do all the preparations. Even Cat Lover agreed that we wouldn't have a happy marriage if it was just her family, instead of both hers and mine. So, we still agreed on a lot of things when each of our families took turns with ideas to make it our best wedding day.

Cat Lover and I love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of a life and for eternity. We're getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on March 2, 2018. We're both excited and nervous at the same time. We're hoping and certain that we'll have a happy marriage and be able to bring forth children into this world.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Resolutionary Poem

Happy New Year, Everybody! And I'm pretty sure you've all heard about what I've been going through throughout the rest of 2017. I found this beautiful girl named Cat Lover and I asked her to marry me and she said "Yes!" We're so excited about the ceremony coming up. We're going to get married in the Salt Lake Temple and we'll be having a reception on March 2, 2018. We're looking forward to it. It's our New Year's Resolution. Now I promised that I share you an amazing New Year's Resolutionary Poem that I came up with that inspires this moment of my life. Happy New Year, 2018!