Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dr. Seuss Bridal Shower

This has been one of the most fun opportunities in our lives for me and Cat Lover before our wedding date. You might all be aware or not that our wedding date is March 2nd. That's the day of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Cat Lover didn't want the wedding reception on that day to be styled in a Dr. Seuss universe, she wanted it to be Springtime, so we decided to do a Dr. Seuss themed Bridal Shower. I wasn't quite sure how that was going to work with me and Cat Lover. But Cat Lover loves Dr. Seuss as well as I do. We decided to come up with clever ideas that represent almost all of the Dr. Seuss books.

It was amazing that Drama Queen had come up with such a clever idea after researching reception and shower ideas. I have a bunch of the stuffed animals and different books that also represent their personality and characteristics. We had to reserve our stake center in order to have the certain day to invite some neighbors, friends, and family members to come for the Open House Shower. It was a little stressful to try to make things look great, but we managed to get it all ready before the guests arrived.

I might as well describe how we represented Dr. Seuss books in the bridal shower decorations. We made sugar cookies that are the shape of the Truffula fruits from the Lorax as well as making little Truffula trees inside jars as centerpieces. We even blew up balloons that represent Oh the Places, You'll Go, as well as having the book for guests to write thoughtful advice for both me and Cat Lover. We had deviled eggs and ham with the deviled eggs being green, to represent Green Eggs and Ham. We also used Swedish Fish packets as the Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, book.

As always, our mom has made a quilt for us to tie up and that Cat Lover and I will snuggle inside it in the future. The quilt has been sewn into the patterns that were lastly made before my Mom's grandma passed away. She made the patterns stitched up and this was the time when my mom used those patterns to make this quilt. A lot of people showed up at the shower, but some of them didn't stay for very long. It took us hours for the whole party to go through and to get the entire quilt sewn.

And as always for bridal showers, the guests brought us gifts that were most likely accessories and necessities that we'll be needing by the time we have a home of our own after we live in the little apartment down in the basement. Although some of the gifts that the guests gave us were duplicates, and they told us that one of them can be returned and that we'll be able to use the refund for something that no one ever thought of buying as a household appliance. Cat Lover and I had a really fun time with this bridal shower, This will definitely be something to remember for me and Cat Lover. We're now looking forward to the wedding.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Ready for Marriage

I know it's been such a long time since I got to blog on here, but it's because that things have gotten crazy. I'm about to tell you the reason why here. Cat Lover and I have been engaged for over four months now and we are looking forward to getting married. We've known each other since the Blind Date that Beauty and the Beast set up for us. Beauty and Cat Lover have been friends since high school, and now they're excited to become sister-in-laws.

At first, however, I wasn't quite sure if Cat Lover and I were ever meant to be as a couple, but once we started knowing that there are a lot of things we have in common, (like we both love watching Studio C) we both had a feeling that we really would be a perfect couple. We did have some hard times, but we managed to work out with them, especially when both the Cat Lover's parents thought only they should help prepare the wedding, when my parents also wanted to help out with plans, since Drama Queen has been loving wedding preps and has been helping out with them for years.

I told Cat Lover and her family that marriages are meant to bring families together to help with one another, not to separate them and have one future spouse's family do all the preparations. Even Cat Lover agreed that we wouldn't have a happy marriage if it was just her family, instead of both hers and mine. So, we still agreed on a lot of things when each of our families took turns with ideas to make it our best wedding day.

Cat Lover and I love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of a life and for eternity. We're getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on March 2, 2018. We're both excited and nervous at the same time. We're hoping and certain that we'll have a happy marriage and be able to bring forth children into this world.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Resolutionary Poem

Happy New Year, Everybody! And I'm pretty sure you've all heard about what I've been going through throughout the rest of 2017. I found this beautiful girl named Cat Lover and I asked her to marry me and she said "Yes!" We're so excited about the ceremony coming up. We're going to get married in the Salt Lake Temple and we'll be having a reception on March 2, 2018. We're looking forward to it. It's our New Year's Resolution. Now I promised that I share you an amazing New Year's Resolutionary Poem that I came up with that inspires this moment of my life. Happy New Year, 2018!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Light the World With Happiness

I know it's belated for you to see, but I finally found the time to post you this. It's finally the moment you've all been waiting for! Christmas Light Display of 2017! It's been quite a challenge for me, because I've been busy with school and trying to finish the semester. There have been a lot of those times just like from the previous years when I felt either too slothful to put up anymore or I'm just running out of ideas on how to put lights up. I've also have been encountering some cluttered junk that we didn't need and I also encountered a lot of strands that had to be thrown away because they were broken. I even had to make sure that things were cleaned up in the yard before setting up. It was quite easy to make a mess of things and hard to decide what should be put up and to make sure that a whole strand of lights works. We've been going through a lot of our storage and it just felt like that we needed to reevaluate it for the upcoming years of the next holidays. I don't know what else to say about all of this, but I put this display up on KSL and that it can be shown to about everyone around Utah to come see it and to know that I did this all by myself and I hope that all of you would have a chance to come see it anytime you have before Christmas or even after that. I also hope I'm not just lighting Utah with happiness but that I'm also lighting the world with happiness by announcing that Cat Lover and I are still getting married on March 2, 2018. It's been a big blessing for the both of us and we're looking forward to the biggest opportunity and ceremony in our lives. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Crazin' for Mazin'!

As you all can see, it's that time of year again for tricking and treating for Halloween! From all those years of posting about my Corn Maze, I thought you would all like to see how I've done this year! You can all see that I still have the classical blow-ups, (especially the 14 ft ghost) and even some of the Halloween theme colors.

There is one thing I added to the display that's totally different. From my birthday last year, I received six strands of lights that have plastic jalepenios in colors of red, yellow, and green. I wasn't quite sure what holiday it would be to use them. Everyone told me that they would be for Cinco De Mayo. I wasn't quite sure how to decorate for Cinco De Mayo, since there's not much decorations in Utah, except of course Pinatas.

Anyway, I didn't decorate for Cinco De Mayo, because I thought it was enough when we celebrated it on Gamer's birthday when he's always in charge of the Pinatas and Bossy is always in charge of sorting all the candy from them into bags.

Things have always been crazy around the holidays, but everyone around the neighborhood have always been amazed to see how much I've done with the Corn Maze. On those weeks before Halloween, children would always stop by to try going through it. There were lots of those times when Trick-or-treaters have been just going up the sidewalk instead of going through the maze. I guess children have been taught by their parents that it's not polite to walk on people's lawns. But I want to tell the parents out there that at my house, it's an exception.

I remember those times when I put my display up on KSL, but I'm afraid they haven't done that again. I just wish lots of people around Utah would like to come see my display, because I've worked so hard to make it the best one out of everything around.

If you can plan accordingly on it, you can always come right on Halloween evening to trick-or-treat at the house, and please enter the maze, because that's all part of the fun with trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Remember, the display isn't just made to look at, it's also made to explore the spooky wonders.

 I bet you're all crazin' for some mazin'!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Guest Blog: Having Fun by Twizlet

I've never told you about guest blogging. It's when a person from a different perspective talks about their experience on someone else's blog as long as they give credit to the blogger. I've been both busy and distracted with a lot of things and I thought you would like to meet my niece, Twizlet. She was born just this year and I thought you would like to hear what she would like to say to you.

Hello, everyone!
My name is Twizlet. You probably remember me from the day I was born to Twiz and Teach.

I've been laying in everybody's arms for months and now look at me. I'm starting to crawl around looking at the world. I just wonder what all these things are that are right by me. Are they supposed to be fun or should I leave them alone?

Anyway, I'm just trying to be a good girl with my grandma and grandpa while my mommy and daddy are gone. I love everyone around me when they play with me and these fun looking things on the floor.

I really think that this family is great and I'm having fun with it. I haven't seen all the  fun things yet, but I bet knocking over this tower will cause a ruckus!

Right now, I just want to ask my mommy and daddy what I can be for Halloween...whatever that is.

Bye bye!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

I thought it was just recently since I blogged on here, but I feel like wanting to tell you, because my Mom and Dad are leaving to go back East for their 34th wedding anniversary during Labor Day Weekend, while Drama Queen and I are in charge of helping the children while they're gone for a few days. It's going to be quite a challenge, because, it's been a while since either Drama Queen or I have baby sat children while the more mature adults are out for a day or two. That might be part of experiencing Labor Day, other than we like watching the Newsies movie every year. It always teaches us about how people have made a difference in the 19th century of employment.

Image result
And speaking of employment, I've been working at Walmart over a year and I'm just enjoying about having the opportunity to have some vacation from it, especially when it comes to falling in love with the Cat Lover. She and I don't have to work on Labor Day, so that gives us a chance to spend a day together. Lots of people in the family think that the Cat Lover and I would be a perfect couple to be together, but we haven't had our first kiss yet, so we're just going to have to wait and see how that goes. I like to explain a little more about it, but that can be saved for next time. Right now, we're just going to stick with what we're going to face for the weekend. I hope you all have a good Labor Day weekend. :)

I just want to show you some annotated videos I made that might have to do with Labor and to see if these people would either need a vacation or a day off of work or maybe change a different career path. This is another thing I have been learning to become a teacher for elementary students.