Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scripture Mastery #7 Education

I never came up with this scripture reference, because it was already mentioned. And besides whenever I read this scripture, it reminds that education is very important. Even though there are a lot of kids around the world who complain about homework, they should learn that homework is part of life and it'll help them to overcome trials and troubles, even if they find it too hard for them. When I was in college, which I still am, I never like the trial of having so much to do and every assignment having so much requirements to complete.

However, with this scripture mastery that I've learned from it helps me to know that education was created for all of us to try to learn how to be like another person and how we can have skills and to know how we can manage our lives. This scripture is on Alma 37: 35.

O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.

It helps me to know that we need education, otherwise, we'll never learn about the world and why we live in it right now. And if Heavenly Father never created education than we would never be able to go back to heaven to live with him again. We should be glad that education has been created so that if we live righteously and faithfully, and be with our families together forever, we'll be able to create our own worlds by the end of the millennium.