Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You may not know this, but what we did for Thanksgiving this year is the tradition we've always had ever since 2006. We always did a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. That's the type of dinner that goes with toast, popcorn, pretzels, and jelly beans, and pudding in glasses. You can see these pictures of them. We always did that for lunch before the real dinner with turkey and other things.
I will tell you about what our dinner is like after I tell you of how this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner works. We find a volunteer to play the role of Peppermint Patty off of the movie. My sister Prima Donna asked that she could play the role. The role of Peppermint Patty is the part where she freaks out of what kind of Thanksgiving dinner it is. And then learns a lesson of what the true meaning of Thanksgiving it is. We always do that because it's a really fun tradition. And then we watch the movie of it right after the lunch.

And then later on with dinner, we have the delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffings, cranberry sauce, corn, pumpkin and pecan pie, and then the best treat of all that anyone could ever have on 14-layer Jello. My sister Bossy makes that delicious Jello every on Thanksgiving to appreciate thanks to all of us. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter how your traditions go. Christmas is coming. I'll tell you by the time I'll tell you what our Christmas traditions are later on.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm not going to talk about a merit badge this time, because I forgot to mention that there are holidays going around here. We have been doing Thanksgiving, I'll tell you about Thanksgiving next time, but first I like to tell you about how our Halloween holiday went.

Every holidays by almost the end of a year, I'm much of a holiday display maker. A person who can decorate lots of wonderful ideas for a holiday. For Halloween, I made a display like this one called a Corn Maze. I just made that so that little kids can come to our house to trick-or-treat by going through the corn maze that can sometimes get you lost. However, some of the kids would rather just skip the corn maze and just head on the driveway and go through the sidewalk to the door.

And another thing that has also happened on Halloween, my sisters Bossy and Prima Donna got into a huge fight about who short-cut the stuff from outside doing yard work, and then I yelled at both of them to stop fighting, which that kind of made things worse. It was me and Bossy that got in a huge fight with text messages. So Mom and Dad told us that we should apologize to Bossy, by sneaking to her house to decorate her apartment yard for the best Halloween Decoration contest going on at her apartment village. Mom took both me and Prima Donna to Bossy's apartment with other Halloween decorations in our arms I carried a bundle of cornstalks, while sneaking to the front door of her apartment. Both Prima Donna and I thought that was fun to sneak some decorations into Bossy's apartment. I thought we can make that a tradition also for Halloween. Instead of saying Trick-or-Treat, I thought this would be called Sneak-or-Treat. This whole Halloween season was a fun holiday, I think I want to do the Sneak-or-treat thing again, next year. Until next time, I'll tell you about Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

This is the next badge that I have done that is really good for all of us. It is called Personal Fitness. There are lots of things that I had to do to earn this badge. I had to learn about how you can do a lot of things to stay fit. You start by having a physical examination check-up from your doctor, by showing him the list of things the doctor has to exam you on to see if you're fit.

Then next, I had to learn about ways on how to stay fit and to avoid any issues that could cause your body to overwhelm. Then I had to join a fitness club that teaches you basic stretches that would help you stay fit, like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, sprints, etc. I stopped doing push-ups because of that Keinbock's Disease I told you about from the Sports Merit Badge.

And then, I had to learn about the basic healthy foods that would help you stay fit, like talk about vegetables, fruit, grain, dairy, protein, all that. There are some vegetables I like to eat called, carrots, corn, peas, etc.

I even like fruit, I like apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, all those kinds of fruit.I even thought of some fruit jokes. What kind of fruit really sucks? Strawberries! What kind of fruit is really sad? Blueberries! What kind of fruit sounds hoarse? Raspberries! What kind of fruit is really lazy? Cherries! What kind of fruit gets cold bumps? Gooseberries! And what kind of do girls like in their parfaits? Boysenberries!

They might not sound like it had to do with the Personal Fitness badge, but those are some fruit jokes I thought of. That's all about Personal Fitness. I probably think the physical check-up was the best part of the badge. Until next time, I"ll tell you the next fun badge.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Swimming Merit Badge

 Now that I'm back from California, I will get back on telling you what the next fun merit badge it was in Boy Scouts. I don't have much to say about this badge, because I didn't do much paper work on it. This most fun one in Boy Scouts was the Swimming merit badge.

All I had to do to get the badge was to learn about basic technique on each swim stroke. I mostly did that at a neighbor's house who does swimming lessons for kids. Since I have passed swimming lessons from my age 10, I know how to swim much better, and then I'd earn this badge.

Then for some things about the swimming badge, I had to learn about how you can do first aid on it, like if you should know how to CPR. I'll tell you about CPR on the next badge.

This might sound a bit strange, but with most boy scouts, they swim with their shirts off. Some of my sisters, like Crafty, Princess, and Prima Donna think that boys being skins look disgusting. For just me, when I swim with the family, I just have my own swim shirts that I only use those if I'm swimming with the family.

Prima Donna

The swimming badge really helped me get used to being in the water, so that I could pass off other that talk about being in water, which is some I told you how I passed off, and some others that I will tell you soon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Marching Band Tour

I'm not going to talk about a merit badge this time, because I've been gone for like a week. That week I was gone on a marching band tour. I will like to tell you this story about the Marching Band Tour.

I have been playing in the marching band this year at Bingham High School. Well just this week, the marching band and I went on tour to Southern California. I would love to tell you how the tour was by telling about each day we had there.

On November 1st, I said good-bye to my family, and they wished me luck on the tour. I headed out the door with my soccer bag full of things I need, like my drillmasters and band shirt. I went to the school and saw the three travel-buses ready to be loaded. First we did a meeting in the band room before we had to leave. Then we headed to the buses to load up and get ready to go. We were supposed to leave at 9:00 in the evening, but we ended up waiting until 11:30, still at the school, because one of the buses broke down randomly. We were relieved that we got to be on the road, but all we had to do was sleep on the buses.

On November 2nd, we made it to California, and we had been on the buses all night long while the drivers kept driving on and on until we got to Denny’s for breakfast in California. That’s where I thought of some jokes. Their pancakes were flippin’ good and their eggs were crackin’ good. Get it? Anyway, after breakfast, we all got ready to go to the beach. The beach was really sandy when walking on it, but fun when hitting the waves. After a little while, we got ready to head over to our hotel called Radisson Suites.

We swam in their swimming pool and everyone thought I do the best cannonballs ever in the pool. For dinner we went to the coolest restaurant in the world, Medieval Times. The tables worked exactly like you’re eating a feast back at castle times. Then you watch this live horse show in front of you. That’s pretty awesome. Huh? When we were done, we went back to the hotel and went straight to bed, because we had a marching band clinic the next day.

On November 3rd, we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we put on our band shirts and drillmasters and headed to RCC for our marching band clinic. The RCC stadium was really amazing. In fact, we got to rehearse our performance in front of the RCC staff and let the RCC staff do a lot of adjustments for us to make our performance much better. Then after the clinic, we went to a park to have lunch. That’s when we did another clinic there with only our staff. As a matter of fact, there was a nice looking dome stage in the park. That’s where we did our final adjustments to our performance for the competition on the next two days. Then after the clinic, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Souplantation. I tried something new at Souplantation. I tried that Pecan Pumpkin Cobbler. It was so good; my Mom would want to try that. We went back to RCC to do a review on our performance in front of the RCC student body. Then after our performance, we watched the RCC band’s performance. It was amazing how they did. They had some choir in it. To me, I wish our band had some choir in it. That would be really epic. Anyway, after the review with RCC, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

On November 4th, we woke up and got ready for the best day ever. We got to go to Disneyland. That was right on my birthday. I couldn’t believe I got to go to Disneyland on my birthday. My birthday at Disneyland was really amazing. I got to wear a birthday pin, that way lots of workers would wish me a happy birthday. I went on lots of rides in both Disneyland and California Adventure.

For my lunch, I went to Pizza Port at Tomorrowland. It was the best pizza ever at Pizza Port, even though I like Mountain Mike’s also. Anyway, besides riding the rides, I got to meet some Disney mascots, like Donald Duck, Rapunzel off Tangled and Lightning McQueen and Mater.

It was a fun birthday at Disneyland, considering it was my 18th one. It was cool to meet Donald Duck, Rapunzel and Lightning McQueen and Mater. You can see those pictures of my friends and me in them. Have you ever been to Disneyland? If you have, then that’s amazing.

On November 5th, we woke up and got ready to pack up from the hotel and go to Knot’s Berry Farm. The rides at Knot’s Berry Farm weren’t as exciting as Disneyland’s. I got to watch a gun show. I should’ve taken pictures, but I forgot. Anyway, we were done with Knot’s Barry Farm. Then we got ready to do our performance at the RCC Competition with other California bands. The competition was really amazing at RCC. Everyone thought our Sunrise to Sunset performance was really cool. If you would like to see how our performance is, just click on this little video. Anyway, we won in 4th place in the RCC Competition. When we were done, we headed over to the buses to go home.

The whole marching band tour was really cool. I think the best part of the tour was when I had my birthday at Disneyland. Have you ever been in Marching band and have taken a tour? If you have, then you can tell me all about your marching band times.