Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Being the Worst Person Ever

Mom has been asking me to write a post at Twelve Makes a Dozen for last hour. I thought that it's her blog she should do things her own way instead of me having to be persistent on giving her more ideas of what should be on the blog. Besides, she told me that she never gets much followers, unless I'm guest blogging for her. She was worried a lot of you might think I disappeared and never wanted to talk on this blog ever again. Well, here I am! I've just been busy a lot, like passing the Math 2020, and it's kind of harder than 1050. You remember those times when I struggled so much with Math. And I've been working at Wal-Mart since April. Being on the Cap Team 2 Crew, it's really hard, because you unload a truck with a lot of loose products and you have to stack them neatly on pallets and carts whenever you're in the backroom of the store.But some recent times, I feel like I'm being criticized by my boss, for every little mistake I've made on the job. At first, my supervisor was always being strict and it felt like I was being the worst Associate at Wal-Mart, it would sometimes make me feel like I want to quit working there and tell my Job Coach to find another job. Something that would help me succeed to my future of being a Special Education Teacher and possibly an author of Children's Books.

Anyway, I did just mention that it feels like I'm being the worst Wal-Mart Associate ever. Not only I make little mistakes on the job, but I'm also complaining in my mind about working on Sundays. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are made a promise that we keep the Sabbath Day holy by not going shopping or laboring on Sundays. Working on Sundays just feels like it's not my thing at all and it makes me feel unworthy. A lot of times, I just feel like I'm breaking a covenant of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and it makes me feel like I'm being the worst person ever I thought I could try to convince my employer that I could take Sundays off, but then he just told me that I have to work every other Sunday, and I thought that meant he wanted me to work every Sunday permanently, unless I quit working at Wal-Mart. But Mom and Dad kept telling me that I should try something new to do. Save enough money to pay tuition for fall semester at UVU. That also worried me, because right now, I've been working full-time and if I'm going to take a semester at UVU after paying tuition, I'm going to have to ask my employer if I can have part-time.

I guess, you get the idea already. A lot of times, whenever I make mistakes either if their little or big, I sometimes feel like I'm the worst person ever. For example, when some of my family and I went to Tuachan to see Tarzan, we were playing in the hotel swimming pool and I bought a water-proof music speaker that has an adapter for an electronic device. It was working at first, but then some water leaked into the case and it washed up my iPod Touch and it was gone forever. A lot of times, it makes me feel like I'm still being the worst person ever, but people around me have been telling me that nobody's perfect on their lifestyle. Even Mom and Dad (and possibly Sport) have been telling me that life is a test and we're supposed to face consequences and live life to the edge

Even when working at Wal-Mart, I'm sometimes feeling pressured by the fellow associates around me and even my supervisor, whom I found being a PRESSURING SPEED DEMON!! I never meant to be offensive, but so much times at Wal-Mart, my supervisor kept on telling us that we should be quick on the job and sweat so much and be careful at the same time. 

I know in the future I'm going to get encouraging comments from all of you that we all face difficulties and harsh responses from people, because that's part of facing opposition. Even if we're being made fun of and or we make our own mistakes, we still have to learn the consequences and live up to them, like working on Sundays, even if I don't like to do that. Anyway, since I've been telling you what it's like to be the worst person ever, I wanted to show you something. You may have remembered last Christmas, I uploaded so many sketches of Studio C on there with their clean humor. Anyway, I thought I would show these videos of what it's really like to be the worst person ever on these types of college-degreeable jobs.They're really funny, you might laugh your heads off and it will also teach you of the types of things that you shouldn't really do on the jobs, whether you are in these careers or not.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson I'm giving you about my life right now.
And I also hope that you will enjoy these videos!