Monday, August 19, 2013

Pioneer Day

I know I haven't blogged for a while on mine, because I've been so busy. I wanted to show a cultural tradition that everyone in Utah does. I hope that you enjoy it.

Pioneer Day is mostly celebrated in Utah, because that’s where the Pioneers have arrived when they were carried in handcarts and wagon trains. There are some rodeos and parades that happen in the state around Pioneer Day, just like the Fourth of July. Some, who have experienced living in Utah, may have some pioneer relatives that have walked across the country for months to try to get to Utah where they can live their own religious beliefs there.
The customs that Pioneer Day has is talking about their experiences and how they have been part of Utah’s history. One of these things that the Pioneers have done was doing so much work with less spare time on themselves. If all of us still lived in the time of the pioneers, then we would have to do a lot of chores and that we wouldn’t have so much technology like we have today. Despite about all the labor the Pioneers may have done, we still love enjoying the historical events about the Pioneers, especially the way that they talk about their experiences and the way they have been dressed. Sometimes, even on Pioneer Day, we go to a National Park called “This is the Place,” compared to that quote that Brigham Young said. The people in Utah, including my family and I enjoy Pioneer Day, because it’ll give us great stories about why the Pioneers came to Utah and the things that they have done to make Utah one of the best places to be in America.
 People celebrate it by going to parades, seeing fireworks, and even going to a National Park about Pioneers called This Is the Place. The National Park can also show of how Pioneers did different skills then the kinds of skills that we have today. They can have some fun things that they have done and that they would learn how to do crafts, that the Pioneer workers make and that they’ll be able to take a ride around a train or even a horse carriage.
 Also at the park, they all go inside a pavilion to have a barbecue that they set up, depending on what kind of food they have. Some other booths at the National Park can be selling buttered corn. They also can go into farm pens where they can pet the animals that the National Park owns. They also have this special drama in the middle of a road where they shoot candy out of cannon for all the children, (and adults). This Is the Place National Park is the most amazing park that they always love to go to every Pioneer Day, because there are Pioneers working the experience to the visitors to learn about them.
Pioneer Day is one of the cultural traditions in Utah that happen every July 24. At the night of Pioneer Day, they always go to a special place where they set up the aerial fireworks. Then when the fireworks are over, everyone goes home and they all remember the wonderful day they have been having while celebrating Pioneer Day.