Monday, October 21, 2013

Boy Scout Choir

 I haven't got to blog for a while, because I've been busy trying to finish up some school work, like reading a Free to Choose boook for my Economics class. I wanted to tell all of you one amazing thing. A couple of weeks ago, I was auditioning to be in the Boy Scouts of America devotional on speaking. I didn't make it to the speaking audition, but I was asked to join the Boy Scout Choir to sing at the Conference Center in the Choir stand. I know I have told you that I have made it in the choir. Well, here's the thing, Mom just got an email from the manager from that audition and was saying that I've done a very good job for not messing up and being neat while doing my part of speaking. But I didn't make it to speaking, instead I got back to joining the Boy Scouts Choir. Mom and I were amazed to hear that I got the chance that I get to be in the choir, even though I wouldn't be able to speak at the conference center with the Boy Scouts program. Speaking about that, the Boy Scouts Choir will take place at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, along with this organ pipe stand in that picture. I hope that some of you may have the opportunity to be watching me be in it.