Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me, Baby Doll, and Family

This is me showing off my epic pose of what I usually do with photographers who ask you to do something funky. I wore that Medusa shirt for Marching Band in 2010 at Bingham High School. I'm about to join marching band for my last time at Bingham High School as a senior. Then I'll be able to spend a lot of time with my family more often than being at rehearsals all day.

This is my sister Baby Doll. There's something amazing about her, every time I'm around the house, she smiles at me every time I look at her or if she looks at me. She thinks that I'm her favorite brother than the rest of the siblings. She's always a cute one and she thinks I'm epic.

This is my family. We usually take a family photo when the whole family is with us. My parents are right in the middle. You can see I have a lot of sisters in there, but my sister Baby Doll isn't in there, because this photo has been take before she was born. Someday, we have to get a new family photo with Baby Doll on it. It'd be cute.


  1. I think those are the cutest pics ever! Especially the one of Baby Doll.

  2. Yu DO have alot of brothers and sisters!! I have some very close friend in Massachusetts that have 12 children, too. I love to go visit with them when there are fun holidays. I help them carve pumpkins and dye Easter eggs! Sometimes it gets very loud, but it's always fun!


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