Monday, August 27, 2012

Mom and Dad

This is about how they got married and where their childhood homes used to be in. When they were kids, they both lived in a valley called Sanpete County. My Mom's name is Momof12 which that means that she is a mother with twelve children. I'm one of the twelve. My Dad's name is Sweetie, which that's the way my Mom calls him. Anyway, parents can be either great or overwhelming. What I mean them by great, they can help people with their struggles. And what I mean them by overwhelming, is that they kept on telling me that I have to get used to doing some hard things in life, which I know that's true. Right now, I'm in college called SLCC. Every time in a while when I'm not in college right now, my Mom keeps telling me that I have a bunch of homework to do, which that makes a little annoyed that I just have no idea what she means by a lot when I have no idea what kind of homework I have to do. Then she also tells me that I have to try to do everything on my own. Which I don't think it'd be helpful about people telling me that I should do things in life on my own, if they say that in a harsh tone of voice. She keeps telling me that it is, but I don't think it is helpful to tell me in a harsh tone. Anyway, I didn't want to be offensive with my Mom, but I just had almost an arguement with my Mom last night about how I feel about college. But I might as well just get on with college and see if it's fun or not.

So, you probably know about her blog that I love to explore on. Everytime she tells us about memories from our family, it is like seeing families from the past. You might love to hear some Food For Thoughts from her older posts, some Birth Stories, Some Guest Bloggers, and so on with other things that she has on her blog. She really likes her blog and is so proud of it. I know that I did put up music videos from the posts that I talked about my siblings. Well, I don't know much about what Mom and Dad's favorite famous band or music artist. But I know that my Dad loves on song that's by a famous band called KISS. He likes that band called KISS, and he loved that band ever since he was like in high school or college, something like that. My mom, I'm not sure who she likes, but she likes some songs from Vitamin C, Coldplay, and Fun. She also loves the Boy Scout Rap song that we used on my final Court of Honor last year. Mom and Dad can be wonderful people, even though they might tell you to do something that you don't want to do, or if they tell you to do homework that you think it's going to take too long. So from now on, I'm going to have to get on with college right now and try to get good grades and learn a lot of new things. Until next time I might talk about how I'm doing in college or maybe talk about a really fun summer trip of a lifetime.


  1. Hi Nate, so glad I stopped by for this delightful post. I am a mom, too, and I know that almost all kids your age feel the same way about their parents. College can be fun and it can be hard. But if you discipline yourself to do your work every day, I'll bet you'll do okay. Even if you don't have homework in a class, still take the time to look over your notes or the chapter you are working on. Trust me! ~karen
    P.S. I'm so proud of you!


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