Friday, November 9, 2012

The Biggest Out-of-State Trip EVER: Kirtland, Ohio

I'm now back to blogging. I'm going to talk about another thing that happened on the trip. After Detroit, Michigan, we then did a lot of driving to Ohio. The next stop was another Church History place called Kirtland. In Kirtland, we went to go see the Kirtland, Ohio temple, that used to be an LDS temple, but it got taken over by another religion. Right when they called the Kirtland Temple the Community of Christ, instead of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It made me a little upset that I wanted to judge that religion for taking over the Kirtland temple, but I kept being silent through it. We did tour inside the Kirtland Temple. It was the temple where Joseph Smith and all his friends taught the restoration to people who lived in Kirtland.

Remember that story that I talked about the mob who killed Joseph Smith at the Carthage Jail? Well, before that ever happened when Joseph Smith was alive, the mob was trying to find Joseph Smith so that they could kill him, hoping the whole LDS church restoration would stop. But, I'll talk more about the hard life Joseph Smith had when he tried to Preach the Gospel. And also what happened in Kirtland, this might sound a little sad, but one night when he and his wife, Emma were asleep, the mob broke into the home and captured Joseph. They brought him outside to torment him. They started ripping his clothes off and they put hot tar on his bare skin. Then they put feathers on the hot tar that was put on him. After the mob left him with all the hot tar and feathers on him, Emma brought him back inside and started washing all the feathers and tar off. When I heard of that part of the story, I thought that was totally sad. I didn't like the way that the mob would do something like that. Right when we started the trip back East, I was hoping we wouldn't run into any people who would cause any harm on us, but it never did. That's because we've been having faith and praying to Heavenly Father for safety while we traveled. He does answer prayers every time you pray to him.
Anyway, at the Kirtland Temple, there is one true thing that happened there with Joseph Smith and all of the other saints. They say a light outside the window that showed the spirit of Heavenly Father being at the first LDS temple. After we toured the inside of the temple, we then started to take a tour of the cemetery, right next to it. There was a whole bunch of people who died in Kirtland. What I was hoping to see was the grave of Joseph's older brother, Alvin. But there never was, because Alvin Smith died at a different place where I'm about to talk about next time.
After touring the cemetery, we then went to the visitor's center to take a tour of the town of Kirtland. It was named after Newel K. Whitney. He owned his home a store and an ashery. They were a strong family to do a lot of that work to pump water with a watermill. It was a lot of fun to tour the church history in Kirtland. After we were done touring, we drove across Ohio to keep going back East to do the rest of the trip. On the way, we stopped at a Target and a Red Robin in Cleavland. Ohio was fun. Next time, I'll talk more about the rest of the trip. I hope you enjoyed this post about another story of Church History.

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  1. Very interesting, and quite well written! You traveled pretty far from home for this visit, didn't you? What fun for the family.


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