Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everyone's Favorite Famous Music Artist/Band

You may have mentioned before that I talked about everybody in the family. I really love to say in case you missed it that I'm going to put one music video of everyone's favorite famous music artist/band. Just for a quick post. Enjoy with:

My Dad's favorite band called KISS

My Mom's favorite Boy Scout song called Boy Scout Rap

My elder sister Bossy's and brother-in-law Gamer's favorite band called Train. 

My elder brother Gym Rat's favorite band called Mayday Parade.

My elder sister, Drama Queen's favorite band called Bon Jovi.

My elder sister, Teach's favorite band called OK

My favorite band/music artist mostly, besides One Direction Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber is Owl City.

  My younger sister, Princess's favorite band called One Direction.

Same goes for my other younger sister, Prima Donna that her favorite band is One Direction too.


My younger sister's favorite music artist, Taylor Swift


My younger brother, Sport's favorite band is kind of One Direction, just like Princess and Prima Donna. That's okay, a band or music artist can be everyone's favorite.

My younger sister, Scout's favorite is Taylor Swift, just like Crafty's isM


 My younger brother, Curly's favorite music artist, Justin Bieber.

 And my younger sister, Baby Doll's favorite band called Fun.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I thought it would be fun to see on one post to show everyone who is their favorite music artist/band, besides doing them on separate posts. If you like any of these videos, then that's great. Maybe next time, I'll talk about a time when I went to Nauvoo for this summer. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hiking Merit Badge

Now, I'm totally back on talking about merit badges, I would like to talk about another one. This one is kind of related to backpacking, but not much. It's called Hiking. All of the badge I had to do was do some mile hikes especially the twenty mile one in one day. I mostly did the 20 mile hike while my sister, Teach and I went on Trek for Youth Conference once. Then I had to a little bit of a mile hike to add to the 20 mile hike in the 24 hour zone. Trek was a kind of fun, even though some of the trek was a bit daunting.

Anyway, some of the badge was fun, like the time when I had to do five ten-milers. That we mostly did them at home. I sometimes do walks with different siblings. Like I'm going to tell one of them that might sound fascinating or maybe hilarious to any of you online. I was walking some of the ten miles with my little brother, Sport at night. Right when we were doing it, we encountered some yellow eyes that it was looking straight at us. Sport started freaking out that it was some Halloween monster that would come straight to us. The yellow eyes then started to make a "Meow" sound. I was like almost laughing, that I told Sport it was only a cat. But he kept saying that he didn't care, that he almost got passed out when he thought it was a monster, and he kind of doesn't like seeing cats at night. Which that's really hilarious, but kind of mean, when you're making fun of someone who is scared of something that they don't like, especially the black cat eyes at night.

I also had to talk about how to treat and prevent injuries before hiking, like the most common injury that could happen on a hike is having blisters on your feet. That sounds a little devastating, but that's just how hiking can cause your feet to get sore or if you're not wearing broken-in hiking shoes. Also to put on some duct tape on your feet so that your feet won't start to heat up while walking. And another about hiking, is keeping yourself from dehydration. Dehydration can cause you to have a gurgling stomach and headache at the same time. The best way to prevent dehydration is drinking lots of water. Drinking lots of water or other fluids (unlike soda) can help you stay hydrated while hiking at all times.

So the hiking badge was fun, I think the best requirement of the badge was doing the five ten-milers in the neighborhood. If you ever like hiking, then that might be a good thing for you. Until next time, I'll think of another thing to put up on the blog.