Thursday, May 24, 2012

My little brother, Sport

I would like to talk about another sibling that is really fun to have even though some siblings can be a bit annoying. His name is Sport.  He is my 1st little brother. I've always wanted a little brother before he was born. He was born when I was nine. For a special thing that happened in my life when he was a baby, I presented to him as a show-and-tell in front of my 3rd grade class. Right now he is eight, almost about nine. He likes to play  a lot of sports like he won his first football championship of his life in the peewee leagues. He played Basketball a lot. Now he's in the little leagues playing badseball.  He is sometimes annoying when I tell him to do his job but then he never listens. But a lot of times, he is fun to have when you get to play a little bit of sports with him. He also likes two movies Cars and Cars 2. I have some music videos of each of them if you ever heard of the soundtracks from each one, you can see them if you like. Anyway, he is one of the best siblings you could ever have. Until next time, I'll talk more about siblings. After siblings, I'll think of another merit badge I worked on to earn.


  1. I loved those videos! I bet it is fun to have a little brother to play sports with. I'm the youngest in my family, so I only have older brothers, and they just made fun of me a lot when I was little. It's good that you're nice to Sport!

  2. Nate, he looks just like you!! What fun to have a little brother. My only sister was born when I was 9, too! Now that we are grown-ups, we have a very special relationship. Speaking of special, today is your big day!! Congratulations on graduating from High School!!! I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pictures, too. ~karen


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