Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High School Musical Dance Recital Plan

I'm sorry that it has been a long time for me to write a post, but I've been so busy with homework that I'm trying to get them all over with. I hope all of you forgive me for not posting a post for a while. Anyway, I still haven't been able to have some time to write the rest of my trip to Nauvoo, but I want to post about what I want to plan a fun activity for me and my younger siblings. Have you ever seen the three movies of High School Musical? Well, I am a fan of those movies and you want to know what else is amazing about them? They all have been filmed in Utah. All my life, I never thought that movies were filmed in Utah. I mostly thought that they were all filmed in either of the two popular states, New York or California.

Well, with High School Musical, I actually like the movies, and with all the songs from each one, it gives me a fun activity to do with my younger siblings. I want to plan a High School Musical dance recital. From my Mom's blog, she blogged about my sister Princess's gold award project of a dance recital, and I asked to be in it for my dance that I really love to do, because of playing Just Dance games. I thought it would be fun to do a Dance Recital with almost all the high school musical songs. Something that could bring back the memory of Princess's gold award. I just hope that this goal will happen, because it sounds like a fun thing to do, just like Princess's. And I also hope that I can find some of my siblings who would love to volunteer to be in the recital. Hopefully that'll happen.


  1. If you do this, please make sure to record it and post some of the videos on you blog! I personally LOVE High School Musical, especially 1 & 3. I actually just watched 1 & 2 last week and just checked 3 out from my library but haven't gotten to watch it yet!

    School is very important! I'm proud of you for doing your homework even though it means you haven't posted a blog in a long time! I need to do my homework today too, but now I want to watch High School Musical!

  2. I just saw these movies and loved them, too!! Good job putting your homework first!!


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