Thursday, May 9, 2013

Celebrity Obsession Depression

Remember about all those things that I was mostly happy about? Well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to write a sad post about how my life is going, because I thought it may be something that you might want to learn about. I go to church every Sunday at the LDS church. I've been causing a lot of sins that I confessed with my Bishop and I've been feeling like that my life is going in turmoil because I've been acting like a total jerk lately. I've been depressed and that I never thought that good things could lead to bad things. There is one thing that I have. I have Celebrity Obsession Depression. I thought it was fun to have an obsession with celebrities, like these four different albums from every favorite artist and band. Whenever I tell my family about how exciting celebrities are, like One Direction, Owl City, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber, they all say that they don't care. Whenever they tell me things like that, it makes me feel really guilty about myself and that I thought everyone was mocking me about my personality. I had a talk with my mom from Twelve Makes a Dozen that she's been telling me that thinking about fame and wanting to be like them someday, is just going to lead to some serious consequences, and that wanting to meet a celebrity is not that important. She also told me that celebrities are too cool to be able to have a minute with some fans and that they are being way jerky. She told me that the only things that I would have to be obsessed with is my family and the future goals that I would be doing. I told her that my future goal was to meet my favorite celebrity someday, and she denied that, that she thinks that I can do anything else, except that. All of my life, I've been watching movies all the time and for singing along to a bunch of songs from either bands, artists, or soundtracks from movies. Whenever I've been doing that, it made me feel like that I wanted to be famous just like those singers and actors on stage or in the movies. It makes me feel a bit sad that my mom said that being famous is not going to make my life better and thinking about celebrities more than my family is not going to make my life better either. I guess that I will have to move on in life and just delete all of my favorite songs from each favorite band and artist and then move on into life. Another thing that I feel mostly depressed about is that whenever I see a bunch of girls around that aren't related to me, I've been assuming that every girl already has a boyfriend and that they're married. I guess that I would call that Girlfriend Depression, meaning that I don't have a girlfriend and that no girl would want me, because I'm not that popular or attractive like other guys are. So, after I discussed with my Mom about my Celebrity Obsession Depression, I then wrote a sad letter to my sister Teach that went on her LDS mission to Fort Worth, Texas. I've been telling her a lot of things that have made me depressed and that it got me into a Lost State that I feel that my future is never going to be a great thing. Maybe I'll think of some ways on how I can be happy again. Have you had an depressions like the ones I have, if you have, then I understand.

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  1. It is my belief, Nathan, that you are going through a very normal part of growing older. It's different for everyone, because we all have different passions, wants, and needs. As we mature, these constantly change. Learning and growing takes place all of our lives. People at your age are very vulnerable because there are a lot of decisions to make that are new, and both scary and exciting at the same time. I still joke that I don't know what I want to be/do when I grow up! Hang in there, buddy!! Your mom is doing such a good job pointing you in the right direction!! ~karen


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