Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Christmas Light Display of This Year

I've been praying for this moment to come and then my prayer had been answered. I finally figured out what was wrong with that new circuit that I received from an expert electrician. He told me and my Mom that I needed to press the reset button for a few seconds before assuming that it won't work anymore. He also explained that the brown and white cords that I'm using outside are supposed to be indoor use only. 

Since the new circuit turned out to be GFI, it means that it won't electrocute or shock anybody in the process, but if it ever rains or snows, the water would go into the outlets and it would cause the GFI circuit to trip, meaning to shorten out and not work, unless it has been reset. He also said that I need to replace the brown and white cords into the green cords that are waterproof. 

Even through all that stress, I finally can let the lights keep going on with the neighbors until the day after Christmas. I've taken these pictures before the Circuit issue occurred. I hope that you like it so much. It's been up since the day before Thanksgiving. It might be close to a Disney display (I wish I had almost a lot more Disney characters in the display so that I can make it Disneyland Christmas Light styled), but there are other things that are added to the display, like the nativity, Gingerbread house and gingerbread man and gingerbread woman, and then Santa Paws. You may have noticed that we don't have snow on our lawn or on our house this year, probably because my Mom has been praying for no snow until the day before Christmas, so she won't be stressed through all the fuss to get things ready before the last minute of Christmas and before the last minute of getting my brother, The Beast, to get married in the Salt Lake temple with Beauty. I bet you would all think that's romantic and sweet. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm still glad that I have a new circuit and figured out how to solve the problem if it ever happens again, so that I can be less stressed of putting up holiday displays every year. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you. :) 


  1. Oh, wow! Your outdoor Christmas display is just gorgeous! Very festive, indeed. I love Disney! Good job, Nate! I'll just bet you're neighbors are loving it, too!

  2. Hey! How have you been doing?


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