Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's a"MAZE"ing to See!

Well, it's about that time of year again. About every year, I always have been the expert to putting up holiday lights on our house. Just like last year, the year before, the year-year before, the year-year-year before, and the year-year-year-year-before. So pretty much every year I've been in charge of setting up the most amazing Halloween display that anybody in my neighborhood or anywhere would come up with for the most spooktacular day of the year. 

Anyway, throughout some of the year, ever since April, I've been employed to work at Walmart temporarily, because Mom and Dad just want me to earn money and learn to work much harder than an average person can do. That got me worried a lot about what the holidays would be like for me if I'm not around the house preparing traditional ideas for the holidays or even having a holiday off of employment. Mom and Dad kept on telling me that I should try to earn enough money for tuition of a college semester. I thought that was a bit brutal to having me to pay for college tuition. Some of the time, I kept on saying to myself and even saying it to Mom and Dad that earning money isn't making me a better person, it's just making me a jerk. They just keep on telling me that it's part of life and I need money to make a living of my own. I'm not quite sure about that, because I thought having money would just make you selfish and only use it for yourself and avoid the poor, needy, homeless, and/or even people who are into trouble of some sort.

So, on the days when I need to go to work, I start to feel worried that I don't want to miss a holiday spending with the family, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just don't know if I can really bear having to have to work on special holidays, because they're way too special to be missed spending time with families. I've made some requests to my employer if I can have the holidays off. But I just kept on getting rejections! :( I kept on requesting for the days off again, and right now they're still pendering to see if I can have those days off. I just keep on hoping I'll have the holidays off so I can spend those entire days with the family.

I probably shouldn't get off subject, because you all want to know about the display processing. Every year, I've been making mostly the same design of it, but I just had to keep on coming up with other ideas that would be fun for different. Every year, there are just two entrances to the front door for Trick-or-treaters, but this year, there's only one entrance right in the middle edge of our front yard. There are some added part of the display that you may have not seen before, like some were given to me for my birthday when they were on clearance after Halloween last year. For example, I've been giving the 15-foot tall ghost blow-up and I had to figure out ways on how to get it to stay up and not trip anybody. It might as well be the main part to pay attention to from everyone who either walks or drives by to see it. There are even some parts that I felt like I had to go buy in order for everything in the display to be complete.

 It always happens every year, because some strands of lights that may have been new from the previous year are just broken for the year to come. It really annoys me and I bet it annoys all of you as well. I just always try to go with everything perfect, but it some of it doesn't always go exactly my way. And speaking about that, every year on the 31st of October, I just hope that every trick-or-treater would try to go through the maze before and after coming to the front door for the treats. But some are just walking to the door without even trying the maze. Probably because children are told by their parents that it's not polite to walk on people's lawns. But I just want all the parents if they're reading this post that at this time of year, it's an exception and the children can walk through the corn maze if they want to. I'll just hope that every trick-or-treater will go through the maze before and after getting the treats from us.

Last year, you probably remember that I uploaded my display on KSL so that almost everybody around Utah would be able to come see my display creation and how it can bring the holiday spirit into everybody. I'm not quite sure if KSL is doing it again this year, but it they are, I most definitely will upload the display on KSL so everyone will find it and be aMAZEd on how it looks. I hope you all enjoyed it and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN (or if you prefer Happy All Hallows Eve)! :)

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  1. Quite the displays! Your parents are tight about earning money. Someday you will want to spread your wings, and you will need to be able to support yourself! How's school going? XO


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