Monday, January 16, 2012

Backpacking Merit Badge

There is a merit badge that I thought was the hardest to earn. It was backpacking. It was hard because I had to walk 30 miles with a pack on and 3 fifteen milers to earn this. I even had to do some community service before continusing on a very hard jouney.

The number one rule about backpacking is that you have to pack light. Which means you can't pack your giant backpack that weighs more than your weight. You have to pack the necessary equipment when you go on a backpacking trip.

I have done five backpacking trips, I think. One of them was going on a backpacking trip to Haydens Peak. That was the most hardest one to do, because Haydens Peak was mostly uphill. I don't like going uphill with a huge backpack on, because uphill you feel like you don't have enough energy to make it on top. But I like going back when the trip was done, because I have enough energy to go downhill. And every time the leader says, we're almost there, it feels like we're NOT. It's like the leader is mistaken on how much distances there are, but Kings Peak was how I complete the first 15 miler.

I've done some backpacking trips in Mt. Pleasant. That's where my grandmother lives. It was just during the 4th of July weekend and I did one while Camping in Ephraim Canyon. With backpacking in Mt. Pleasant, I had my Mom as a buddy system and then sometimes, they like to rotate from Princess, Crafty, and probably Prima Donna. I completed the second fifteen miler right when we were doing the Kids' Parade for the Fourth of July and I did the  rest afterwards, before we got to go see the fireworks.

While backpacking on Ephraim Canyon was when I had to walk around the lake 30 times with my backpack on in order to complete the last 15 miler. We like to go camping on Ephraim Canyon.

Then last, I might have told you before, that I complete the 30 milers by doing some backpacking at home and preparing a campsite in the backyard, and then complete the rest of the 30 mile trip on Red Castle Mountain. It was not quite bad as Hayden's Peak. We were planning to go to Kings Peak, instead of Red Castle, but we've heard there was a bunch of blizzards in Kings Peak, so we decided Red Castle and it was a little hard as Hayden's Peak. Anyway, I at least got this whole badge passed off.
The backpacking merit badge was hard, but fun, no matter how hard it can be. I still think backpacking would be much easy if some environments weren't that difficult like Hayden's Peak. Until next time, I 'll tell you what other fun badge it was that I passed.

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  1. I do a lot of backpacking and I don't like to go "up" either, even without a backpack on!! Sounds as though you did a great job 'sticking with it' in order to earn this badge. I am very proud of you. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. Did you read the post I did just before the pincushions? It was about camping! ~karen


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