Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bully Free Zone

  Instead of a merit badge I passed off, I would like to say of a guest blogger that I usually love to say on my Mom's blog. Here it is:

You know that I love guest blogging just like I guest-blogged about my Merit Badge accomplishment and the Marching Band Tour I went to. Right now, I’m about to talk about one Christmas that has happened in 2008, the year when my little brother, Curly was born. There was a bunch of snow in 2008. That much snow was all we had in that year then the snow we had for this Christmas in 2011. That’s kind of sad huh? Well, some people in this family were glad that there wasn’t snow, so that they didn’t have to be scared of driving in it or slip on ice. Well another problem that used to happen was that with this snow we had in 2008, I went to stick my tongue on our lamppost on the edge of our driveway.

That’s kind of like the movie A Christmas Story, the part where the kids forced a kid to stick his tongue on a flag pole. I was lucky that I didn’t get my tongue all the way stuck to the lamppost. Our lamppost was made of fiberglass instead of metal, but everyone thought that I was being funny. They knew I wouldn’t really get my tongue stuck.

Okay, remember what I told you about the part of the kids forcing a kid to stick his tongue on a flagpole? Well I think that’s bullying to others. I’ve never been bullied at school in my life, sort of. I just think it’s a lesson that we do not bully others, otherwise, you’ll get bullied yourself. I made this video for Reflections that talks about bullying. It’s actually a music video with the some parts of the family showing of how bullying is bad.

Now you realized that those are really wonderful things on how to make the world a better place, by just being nice to other people. So whenever you get bullied or put in a situation like that, don’t make it go wrong, just fix it and then the problem will be solved.

***My video has moved on to Region Competition. If it wins there, I will compete at State. We think it's fun, but that's because it is full of our favorite people!***

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  1. Great job and good words of wisdom. Good luck with your video competition!


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