Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everbody! It is the best day ever. I got to do something really amazing on Valenitne's Day. I bought something before this day to give to my best friend for Valentine's Day and for her birthday. I gave her a heart-shaped necklace, because I thought it was the perfect gift for her birhtday on February 14th. We love to make Valentine's and give them to our friends and school teachers. I'm even giving chocolate bars to my teachers. My mom even made Valentine Day dresses for my sisters Scout and Baby Doll. You can see how cute they are in those dresses. Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday just like Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you enjoy Valentine's Day a lot, then Happy Valentine's Day!
Baby Doll


  1. That's a really pretty necklace. I bet she loved it.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!! I hope your friend loved her necklace and had a very nice birthday, too! How wonderful that your mom thought ahead and made dresses for the sisters. She's a pretty smart mom!! And you are pretty smart, too, for thinking ahead and being ready for your best friend's Valentine Day Birthday. Way to go!!

  3. You are a good friend, Dog Walker! And those sisters look so cute.
    Love you,


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