Saturday, July 7, 2012

My younger sisters Crafty and Scout

This might the last time I'm talking about my siblings, oh what, I haven't talked much about Gym Rat yet. I'll talk about him some other time. Right now I'm talking about these next siblings named Crafty and Scout. Crafty is one the one who likes to do crafts and other things like she loves to make things like Lowe's kits and make something of her own. She sometimes has a lot in common with her younger sister Scout. You may have no idea  why or either Scout has no idea why she's called Scout, but she is called Scout because she looks a lot like Scout in the novel called To Kill a Mockingbird. She hasn't read that book yet, because she's still a bit young to realize of how the story goes. Some day when Scout is in high school, she'll be able to read that book. Crafty will do the same when she goes to high school. Crafty is just coming back from Girl's camp today. I'm hoping she had a great trip throughout the week. Since with other posts about siblings, I always add music videos about their favorite music artists or bands. As I would like to say, Crafty and Scout like the music artist Taylor Swift. They like her songs that almost talk about love. Which that's a wonderful thing for girls to think about. They love to play with each other just like what everyone else should do. That's all about Scout and Crafty. Next time, I think I have one more sibling to say about. If you like to you can see these Taylor Swift music videos to see if you like her.

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  1. I didn't know that Scout's name was from To Kill a Mockingbird. That is one of my favorite books! I also am glad that you shared some Taylor Swift videos with us, I didn't know the first 3 songs you shared. It's fun to learn about your siblings!


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