Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Worst Nightmare

This may be your very worst nightmare ever if you ever read this post that  I planned to write. If you don't want to, you don't have to read this post, but throughout these months this year, my toenail has been outgrowing too much. I waited a little too long for it to keep coming. So on Monday of this week, I had my doctor's appointment that had to do with my toe that had an outgrowing toenail. I was really nervous when the doctor said that he was going to numb my toe and then do a little surgery by slicing half the toenail off. I was really nervous to hear about some numbing medicine in a needle that they poke it through my toe. Right when they started doing it, I almost balled for feeling the needle poking through and feeling the numbness going in. I felt like wanting to be knocked out so I wouldn't feel anything. But with my toe feeling numb, it felt like my toe was swelling up like my eyes having pollen allergies. Anyway, right when my toe was numb for like ten minutes, they started the operation with pliers that when they started pulling half the toenails off, I didn't feel any painful tear, because my toe was all asleep. Thanks to my brother Gym Rat (which I'll talk about him some other time) that he told me some advice that I shouldn't sit up from the table and see them doing the operation. The operation lasted for like almost an hour, because the doctors left the room and waited to see if my toe was really numb enough to do the operation which I wouldn't feel anything. Right when they were done with the operation, they started to wrap a little blue bandage around my toe so that it would start to heal up for only a day. They also told me that I shouldn't get wet for at least 24 hours. And now that is done, I can get wet whenever I need to. So now if you ever read this post, this might have been your very worst nightmare to see anything that had to do with health or any broken body part. From now on, my toe is feeling a little hurt that I wish that it would stop hurting, but the doc said that it'll take a few days for the toe to feel better.

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  1. Oh, how awful for you! Isn't it just amazing how something so small can hurt so much?? You were very brave and I hope it begins to feel better every day! ~karen


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