Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I'm sorry it took me a while to write a post, I've been busy with school to make sure that my finals have been turned in. I have a whole month off from school. I'm laying off the trip in the East for a while, because it took so long. It took us two weeks to go back east and come back home. Okay, here are the Christmas traditions.

Every year, we have lots of things we love to do. We are in charge of lots of things to put up for the season. I was in charge of putting up Christmas Displays outside our house.

We even got to have our own little Christmas trees in our bedrooms.

We also love to wrap gifts and give them to others.

We love to hang up stockings on our balcony, and cut them off and lay them on the pew on Christmas Eve,

Then we love to deck the halls like putting up garlands, especially one with lots of candy canes hanging on it.

Then we love singing Christmas tunes that are our favorites,

We love seeing lots of things outside our homes, like Festival of Lights, Temple Square, seeing our relatives, seeing Forgotten Carols, etc.

Then we love to hang a homemade garland with stocking and tree craft plastic with everybody's names on them.

And then we love to have Christmas Cousin parties, when the cousins come over to our house to celebrate it with us.

We love Christmas a lot, because it brings special memories and that we learn the greatest story about Christmas. Do you have lots of good traditions to have every year? If you do, then that's totally great.  

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  1. Christmas is all about sharing family time. Sounds as though you make the most out of the season!! Great job decorating the outside of your house!


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