Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hobby of Gift-Making

I'm not getting back onto talking about the rest of the biggest trip yet, because there is one thing that you would love to see and hear about. I have a hobby that might sound amazing to all of you. I like to make present boxes out of shoe boxes to give to some people on special occasions, like Christmas and birthdays.
I worked on this hobby so much, if I have gifts that would fit in them. It's like one of the hobbies I love to do, besides Just Dance, putting up Christmas lights, working on the merit badges (which that's been accomplished already), etc. It gives me lots of good ideas on how I can create such art on each one.
Owl City pattern
This is how I start making on them. Every while, when my parents come home from Kohl's, with a bunch of stuff they bought, they give each of some of us a pair of clothes, and different pairs of shoes. After taking the shoes out of a shoe box, I ask my Mom, if I can start borrowing shoe boxes instead of throwing them away, and she said I can. Shoe boxes are just too wonderful to be thrown away that they can be used for something else. 
Taylor Swift pattern

I've been collecting a lot of shoe boxes so I can decorate them into boxes that look a lot like giving gifts. It's just too wonderful to just tear off wrapping paper from a surprised item you receive and just throw the wrapping paper away. So I just find lots of different colors of paper and buy rolls of wrapping paper, and then create some patterns to use as home-made wrapping paper (which my parents got mad at me for using a lot of ink on the printer).

One Direction pattern
With patterns that I printed out, I made four patterns of logos from my favorite famous bands and music artists, as you can see in the pictures, as you can see in the pictures of what kind of patterns they are.

Justin Bieber pattern

Star paper

Then I find lots of different colors of paper to create a lot of ways that I can imagine on my mind. I usually try to make sure that they aren't crinkled or bubbled up to make it look back. All I do to make them look exactly like gift boxes is folding it up like wrapping a gift. Then if I could, I cut little strips of different color paper and make it look like it's ribbon.
Red and Green creation

Purple and Orange creation

Rainbow creation

And then with wrapping paper, I just do it the same way as I did on the rest, but I don't make strips of paper to make ribbon on wrapping paper, because the patterns on them look to wonderful to be covered with ribbon. So I leave them just like that.

Then, after I'm done making the boxes, I open them to make sure they work just fine and, then the best part, is to add tissue paper inside each box, just like adding it to gift bags. Then right when the boxes are ready, I may do two choices, buy gifts or make gifts. I mostly bought gifts this year.
Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper

Cars wrapping paper

Noel wrapping paper

Disney Princess wrapping paper

Snowman wrapping paper

Snowflake wrapping paper
For the rest of this post, you may enjoy looking at all the different gift boxes that I made. I hope you enjoyed looking at them.
Peppermint wrapping paper
Stripe wrapping paper




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  1. What a clever idea!! I love shoe boxes, too, because they are so functional and just the right size for so many things. I never did anything so beautiful with mine, though. Love the bows!


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