Friday, January 31, 2014

Writing Technique

My writing always starts when I'm working on a chore and then suddenly: I get an amazing idea! I share the idea with my Mom. Everyone's writing technique is different, but what makes my technique special is that my awesome ideas come to me, like an envelope from the mail and I always share it with awesome people I trust. Sometimes, I start by picturing a character, like the horse named Treasure in my story "Horse Amok." I help create descriptions by first drawing or painting a picture of the character. I then picture a legit scenery of where that character lives, like a paddock in a countryside full of horses. In my stories there is always some sort of big trouble called a conflict. The conflict I come up with is usually a mystery. For example, the conflict of Horse Amok is mysterious, people want to know why a horse is named Treasure. Treasure's story is all about discrimination and why it's a bad thing. Lots of my stories have a theme or lesson like this. I absolutely love sharing my ideas with my family, because they all would love to hear about what I like to talk about in my future stories. When a new idea comes to my mind,  I get so excited! I have to think about all the characters and dialogue, but once I finally write it down, I share it immediately.

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  1. Your story sounds amazing!! I really like your description of how you come up with a story.."like an envelope from the mail".


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