Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chess Merit Badge

Chess Merit BadgeSince I have passed off all the merit badges, I would like to tell everyone of how Boy Scouts helped me learn throughout my journey in Boy Scouts. The first badge I would like to tell everyone is the merit badge called Chess. It's just barely new and I managed to get that badge passed off before my final court of honor.

This is how I have passed it off. I played lots of games of chess with my siblings. I kept complaining about losing, because I thought I didn't have the experience to play better. But with a lot of lessons about losing every time. These lessons were about hiding, corners, sacrifices. In the hiding one, I can't hide my king most of the game, because it can get himself in check. The corner lesson was, I try not to get my king into a corner, that would get him into check easily. The sacrifice lesson was that the game is about battling, you have to sacrifice your pieces, even though you don't want them to. Another one was No Mercy. I kind of did show too much mercy on any game. One lesson was don't play with one piece, especially the king. If you play with one piece, you'd lose easily. Another lesson was to stay away from walls, because the king can be attacked. Some of these lessons just help me play better at chess. also passed it off by doing a tournament with the family. I kept losing at each game, but it helped me learn from those mistakes. My eight-year-old brother, Sport is kind of good at chess, because he learned much better than I did. The last time I played chess when I was his age with Mom. I always kept letting Mom win, because I thought it would be fair if girls won, because their cute. In fact, with me losing at chess, it kept making my head hurt so much that I couldn't stand about sacrificing each piece. But even though I kept losing at chess, it still helps me learn how to play better. Like at Bingham High School, during lunch time. I played a game of chess with some of my friends. With the last game before lunchtime was over, I won against one of my friends. That really did help me become better with all the lessons from my Mom. Then I passed it off and got the merit badge. Later on, I will tell all of you how I passed off the other merit badges, just like I told you about the Chess badge.


  1. Nice post on Chess. Did you see how many flags you have now? 35! Cool!
    Love, Mom

  2. Oh I am terrible at chess! Congrats on getting the merit badge!!

  3. My hat is off to you for earning this badge! I could never, ever get the hang of chess! Soon I will do a post about a game of chess that was lots of fun to watch, just for you! ~karen


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