Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sports Merit Badge

Here's another merit badge I would like to tell you about. I kind of enjoyed it, it is called Sports. Most of the badge, I had to learn about first aid and how to avoid injuries and sickness. And then I have to learn about different kinds of sports and then I have to play two sports to pass it.

The two sports I played were Soccer and Bowling. Soccer was a bit of a fun. All I had to do was play soccer on a team and learn how to dribble the bowl to a goal before the other team tries to get the ball away from me. I sometimes accidentally catch the ball with my hands and I stomp off the field, feeling angry for making that mistake.

Bowling was a little fun, I done it with a group of other kids who got to go there for free. Bowling looks much harder in reality than doing it on Wii Sports.  That reminds me, my family and I like to do Wii sport tournaments on a special occasion, like maybe on summertime.

The sport I mostly played in my life was football. I played Pee Wee Football since 2003, but then I stopped playing in 2009, because I started having Kienbock's. It means that I have wrist disorder. It's just that the smallest bone inside starts dying if a bone on my arm grows much longer than it needs to, and crashes right in the wrist bone and causes the tissue to die. So it hurted really bad when I first realized I got it.  
The sports badge was really fun, when I got the chance to learn how to play best at football, which I can't play with helmet and pads. My hand specialist told me it's a restriction, because if I played football with a wrist disorder, things would get it worse. Bowling was fun especially when I toss the ball into the alley and knocks off the pins. Soccer was fun, even though it was hard to try not to get it with your hands. Until next time, I'll tell you how I passed off another badge.

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  1. I'm not very good at bowling, but I still think it is fun. Sometimes you don't have to be the best at something to enjoy yourself! Excellent post today. You are a good writer! ~karen


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