Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holiday Traditions

I haven't told you that I love holidays. My sister, Baby Doll likes holidays too. Everyone in the family likes holidays. For each holiday, we have our own traditions.


First of all, we have a tradition on Halloween, well right before Halloween, we usually go through our Halloween boxes and try to look for some lights that work like Christmas lights and decorate our yard and use most of our yard into an amazing corn-maze. Another tradition is that right after the kids went trick-or-treating and came home from it, they all dump their goody bags into a big pan and we all get to take ten pieces of candy at a time before finishing up the others for next time.

The next holiday, we have lots of Thanksgiving traditions. Right in the morning of Thanksgiving day, we always wake up in the morning, turn on our TV and watch the Thanksgiving Parade that has been taking in New York. Another tradition is, right at lunch we have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, by making toast, popcorn, jelly beans, and pretzels. I was the first that started the tradition right in 2006. The role to this thanksgiving lunch is that we send one person upstairs to take a shower while making the thanksgiving and right when the person comes down, he or she acts like Peppermint Patty from the movie exactly the way she says. And then right after we watched that, we watched another Thanksgiving movie from the Charlie Brown series, we watched the Mayflower Voyagers. It's a good learning movie for everyone to know about why Thanksgiving is very important.

 And the last holiday that we like, is the most important one for us...Christmas. We have lots of traditions on Christmas. Right on the day after Thanksgiving, we usually go down in Sanpete County, down to Ephraim Canyon and go into the wilderness to go get ourselves a very nice Christmas tree for the holidays. And another thing that we usually did in Sanpete County is that we visit our grandmothers who live in the county. And we go to a fun thing in Mt. Pleasant at night called a Candlelight Festival. All they do is that there is fun and games and you even get to meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. And we have other traditions like somewhere in December before the day of December 25, is that we go to other fun places in the holidays like we go to Spanish Fork and see the Festival of Lights. The Festival of Lights is a really fun place to go see, they have lots of good Christmas lights that you might have not seen before, but it's a fun place. And one place we like to go to during Christmastime is going to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. You can see how beautiful the Salt Lake Temple is, even during a holiday. And sometimes in Salt Lake City, if we ever afford it, we usually went to the Planetarium to watch Santa Vs. the Snowman 3D.
When we are at home, we like to invite our relatives over to our house to have our own Cousin Christmas party. That's when we spend time playing with each other and waiting for Santa Claus to come to our house during our party. Every year, Mom and Dad usually asked me and Gamer to put up the Christmas lights on our house to appreciate our neighbors. And on those days right before Christmas Day comes, we like to stay at home and watch all the Christmas movies that we have, like my Mom's tradition, we like to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, because she likes Michael Caine. Lots of other things we like to do is read a lot of Christmas stories from our Christmas book basket like Curly's favorite called The Polar Express. And right on Christmas Eve, we try to get everything ready for the next day, like get our Christmas shopping done and then we read the scriptures about the birth of Jesus. And for us, we all open one present before we all go to bed. Right on Christmas Day, we wake up in the morning wait by  upstairs to see if the coast is clear to head down and see all the amazing presents that Santa have given us. For all of us opening presents, we always let one person open a present at a time. That's how we figure out who got a present so that everyone would like to see of what you got. Right after we open all our presents, we all play with our gifts throughout the whole day. Then the next week, we'd start having a New Year.

Now that you all have heard about our Holiday traditions, you might want to try our traditions because they are all fun and exciting on each of these three holidays. I can't wait for those holidays to come.


  1. The Dog Walker is in charge of all the holiday displays and he does an amazing job! People drive up and down our street just to see what he has done this time.
    Sandy aka Momof12

  2. Your holidays sound like such fun! I come from a very small family and our holidays are quiet and a little more subdued. I can see I am missing out on some good times. I can't wait to see pictures from your holiday celebrations on your blog this year! ~karen


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