Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm not going to talk about a merit badge this time, because I forgot to mention that there are holidays going around here. We have been doing Thanksgiving, I'll tell you about Thanksgiving next time, but first I like to tell you about how our Halloween holiday went.

Every holidays by almost the end of a year, I'm much of a holiday display maker. A person who can decorate lots of wonderful ideas for a holiday. For Halloween, I made a display like this one called a Corn Maze. I just made that so that little kids can come to our house to trick-or-treat by going through the corn maze that can sometimes get you lost. However, some of the kids would rather just skip the corn maze and just head on the driveway and go through the sidewalk to the door.

And another thing that has also happened on Halloween, my sisters Bossy and Prima Donna got into a huge fight about who short-cut the stuff from outside doing yard work, and then I yelled at both of them to stop fighting, which that kind of made things worse. It was me and Bossy that got in a huge fight with text messages. So Mom and Dad told us that we should apologize to Bossy, by sneaking to her house to decorate her apartment yard for the best Halloween Decoration contest going on at her apartment village. Mom took both me and Prima Donna to Bossy's apartment with other Halloween decorations in our arms I carried a bundle of cornstalks, while sneaking to the front door of her apartment. Both Prima Donna and I thought that was fun to sneak some decorations into Bossy's apartment. I thought we can make that a tradition also for Halloween. Instead of saying Trick-or-Treat, I thought this would be called Sneak-or-Treat. This whole Halloween season was a fun holiday, I think I want to do the Sneak-or-treat thing again, next year. Until next time, I'll tell you about Thanksgiving.

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  1. I'll bet Bossy was really surprised to find her apartment and apartment yard all decorated!! Glad you had a fun halloween and hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family surrounding you! ~karen


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