Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

This is the next badge that I have done that is really good for all of us. It is called Personal Fitness. There are lots of things that I had to do to earn this badge. I had to learn about how you can do a lot of things to stay fit. You start by having a physical examination check-up from your doctor, by showing him the list of things the doctor has to exam you on to see if you're fit.

Then next, I had to learn about ways on how to stay fit and to avoid any issues that could cause your body to overwhelm. Then I had to join a fitness club that teaches you basic stretches that would help you stay fit, like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, sprints, etc. I stopped doing push-ups because of that Keinbock's Disease I told you about from the Sports Merit Badge.

And then, I had to learn about the basic healthy foods that would help you stay fit, like talk about vegetables, fruit, grain, dairy, protein, all that. There are some vegetables I like to eat called, carrots, corn, peas, etc.

I even like fruit, I like apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, all those kinds of fruit.I even thought of some fruit jokes. What kind of fruit really sucks? Strawberries! What kind of fruit is really sad? Blueberries! What kind of fruit sounds hoarse? Raspberries! What kind of fruit is really lazy? Cherries! What kind of fruit gets cold bumps? Gooseberries! And what kind of do girls like in their parfaits? Boysenberries!

They might not sound like it had to do with the Personal Fitness badge, but those are some fruit jokes I thought of. That's all about Personal Fitness. I probably think the physical check-up was the best part of the badge. Until next time, I"ll tell you the next fun badge.

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