Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Camping Merit Badge

Here is another fun badge that I passed off. It is called Camping. There were lots of times when I have been camping with other scouts and my friends. My first time at scout camp was taken in 2006. That's how I have passed off other badges there which I will tell you later on.

Scout Camp was the funnest place to go, that's where I could pass off badges that were mostly at the Great Outdoors. It took like a five day week to go there in the summer. Then I went on other camping trips to other places. Sometimes in some parts of the summer, like on 4th of July weekend, we go to my grandma's house and camp in her backyard. Then we would go to the park and have all of our rest of 4th of July day after the parade in Mt. Pleasant. We did lots of other camping trips somewhere as a family, besides our grandma's. We went to a park with a playground there. And then we usually camp out in our backyard. Then we usually like to go camping in the community on Ephraim Canyon.

Another time of camping is when my friends and I went to a camp in Wyoming. That's where we did a lot of fun activities there. We got to play fun and games there, like teamwork on how to try to do an escape without being caught. And while still camping there, we went Mountain Biking. It was a bit scary to go down a mountain while riding a bike. I was being cautious on that bike. Most of the scouts just weren't being careful. I was the only one that made it through the bottom without a single injury. That's quite a miracle. Wasn't it? Well miracles do happen, especially this miracle about my sister, Princess.

Anyway, there's still lots more camping trips I like to tell you. One of them was that I went snow camping in the mountains of Sanpete County. It was just right at our neighbor's cabin. We usually do tents while snow camping, but since there was a lot of snow at our neighbor's cabin, we made snow caves of our own. But all the rest of the boys, instead of sleeping in their snow caves, they slept in the cabin with our neighbor, I was the only Boy Scout that slept all night in the snow cave. Those other boys are just a bunch of slackers. Other things that we did while snow camping was go down halfway to the bottom of the mountain and we go sledding on a slope that our neighbor made for us. Snow camping was so much fun, it's like going there during Christmas time.

Pretty much everything covers up, but there was another time of camping was when I started to learn how to do the Backpacking merit badge. I'll tell you later on, on how I earned that one. Those are really the times of how I earned the Camping merit badge, by doing at least 20 days and nights of each camp out. Here's is also this episode off a TV show called That's So Raven. It talks about camping, and it's also hilarious of the way their camping trip is like. I bet some of my camping trips wouldn't do that.. Until next time, I will tell you what the next badge was that was really fun.

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  1. Camping can be such fun, if you are prepared. I try to go a couple of times each summer. I pack my kayak and head to barren beaches. Maybe sometime I can camp in pretty places like you did.


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