Friday, October 12, 2012

Biggest Out-of-State Trip EVER: Keokuk Iowa, seeing Winter Quarters Temple

I promised I talk about the biggest trip we have done this summer. Before we went to Nauvoo, we had to drive all the way to Lincoln all day. But we kept on driving and driving. Until we made it to out destination to stop at hotels on the way to Nauvoo, we stopped in Keokuk, Iowa. We were mostly doing a church history tour. Where we hear the story about the pioneers and the LDS prophet Joseph Smith. And we were also doing my sister Teach's scripture challenge. By giving Book of Mormon books to people that treated us very nicely. I talk about those in other posts.

We went to see a special temple in Keokuk called the Winter Quarters temple. We never got to do baptisms for the dead there, because the temple was closed on a Sunday, so we got to see the cemetery of Winter Quarters. Some of us were really sad to hear that the pioneers died in the harsh winters in Keokuk. A lot of these pioneers died at young age when they had to brave through the harsh storms. It almost made me cry to see all the names of the pioneers that died in the Winter Quarters. So after we toured the cemetery we drove all the rest of the way to our destination through the country. We'll be doing more Church History tours in other states, especially Nauvoo. The Winter Quarters temple was fun to visit. 


  1. Sounds like quite a trip! I look forward to hearing more about your church history adventures.

  2. I'm interested in more about the scripture challenge! I've never been to the Winter Quarters temple, I think it's in Nebraska and I've never been there! I might just have to go there now though after seeing pictures!


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