Friday, October 19, 2012

The Biggest Out-of-State Trip EVER: Nauvoo, Illinois

I'm now going to tell you about another place we went to on our biggest trip. We finally made it to Nauvoo to do a city tour their about what happened there. Nauvoo is the city that had the saints keep on having the Restoration. Joseph Smith the LDS Prophet was the first one. He had been the LDS prophet in the 19th century. Joseph Smith was a really great prophet in that time. I tell you more about it in later posts about him being a great LDS Prophet.

Anyway, we went through all over Nauvoo, that we toured through some old-fashioned buildings, even when they have been restored to make it more like a museum. We got to see inside the Visitor's Center a lot of portraits and statues about Nauvoo. We got to see a musical that was played by a lot of missionaries. The musical was totally hilarious and they had some really cool songs playing. Before any of that, my Dad, my sisters, Teach Princess, Prima Donna, and I got to do something special for us. The Nauvoo temple was an open house that we were allowed to do Baptisms for the Dead. The Nauvoo Temple's Baptismal Font was way bit different than the other ones at other temples back West. It was fun to do Baptisms for the Dead at the Nauvoo Temple.

We had some time to go to Carthage before doing the rest of the touring in Nauvoo before going to another place the next day.

Now I'm going to tell you one thing that happened to Joseph Smith in Carthage. In Carthage, Joseph Smith was taken to a Carthage Jail for trying to preach the Gospel to almost a lot of people. That sounds kind of wrong, but Joseph Smith had no choice. He couldn't deny all of the preaching just to get out of Carthage. At the Carthage Jail, a mob went into it and they were trying to break through the room of where Joseph Smith, his brother, Hyrum, and other Saints that were with him. Joseph Smith and Hyrum had been killed at the Carthage Jail. The mob thought that killing Joseph Smith would make the LDS church stop. Unfortunately, the LDS church never stopped. It had been continued on and on for eternity. Right when we were inside the Carthage Jail, since it is a museum jail, it almost made me cry to hear about the martyr of Joseph Smith. I hope that you understand all about the history of Joseph Smith right when I'm telling you about it.

Nauvoo Temple
Right at nighttime, after we toured through a lot of buildings to learn about what the Pioneers did in Nauvoo, we got to go see some special Nauvoo pageant, even though it was only a dress rehearsal. There weren't any mistakes that they did. They all did a very good job. Right when the Pageant was over, we went to take a family photo in Nauvoo Temple Square at nighttime. We were trying to make sure that the whole family would be able to be in the picture. My dad and Teach were trying to make better pictures to makes sure that everyone is in the picture by Photoshopping it. Right when we were finished taking pictures of us around Nauvoo Temple Square, we packed in our van and drove back to our hotel to get some sleep before doing another long drive to another place back east. Next time, I'll tell you about another place we went to.


  1. Wow, that's quite a trip. I appreciate the history lesson, too! I did not know these things about Joseph Smith. Thanks so much for sharing. ~karen

  2. I love hearing about your trip to nauvoo! I used to live there do I can picture all the places you went!! I'm glad you got to see the pageant, even if it was just the dress reversal! It is one of my very favorite things in Nauvoo! I can't wait to hear more about your trip, are you going to tell us more?

  3. I think you wrote even more than I did, Nate.
    Good job!

  4. I would love to hear more about your trip if you have more to tell!


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