Monday, October 1, 2012

Owl City Concert

I'm not going to talk about our trip to Nauvoo yet. It'll take a while to talk about that. Right now I'm going to talk about the most amazing thing that's ever happened. It's like what my sisters Princess and Teach guest-blogged last year, when they got to go to the Taylor Swift concert. Teach and I went to a concert downtown in Salt Lake City. This concert we went was played by my favorite famous band...OWL CITY!

I've been dying to see an Owl City concert in my life. Teach and I got to buy two tickets before the night of the concert. We dressed up in nice school clothes. I wore my Sonic shirt, because it represents about Owl City's music sounding like video games sounds. The concert was inside a special bar called The Depot. We had to wait in line to get our tickets ripped and then head on in. We followed the crowd to an open floor where the stage was. It took half an hour for it to start. The concert started with a gig by this music artist called Matthew Koma. He played a few songs for half an hour before the actual Owl City concert started. Some of the songs by Matthew Koma were really loud that mine and Teach's eardrums almost exploded into deaf-ears.
Adam Young performing

Anyway, they reset the stage with the instruments for the Owl City band. We all started to cheer when Adam Young came out from backstage and start singing. Teach and I were so thrilled to see Adam Young in person, especially up close. We never got to meet him, (I wish we had) but it was cool to see him up on stage in person. He also said a lot of things, like he said that Salt Lake City, Utah is one of his favorite places to go. Which that made me and Teach feel thrilled to hear that from the most awesome band.

They played lots of songs from multiple albums they made, especially the song called "Fireflies." We started to sing along to new songs from the Midsummer Station album, like Teach loved the song about a high speed chase song called "I'm Coming After You." The lights on the stage were so cool when they changed into lots of different colors. With one guitarist, it showed an affect on him that he used his guitar as a violin, along with a bow. Teach and I thought it was really funny.  What was also funny was when they started playing "Shooting Star", Teach and I felt some raindrops on our heads. We both laughed when we felt it.

I know almost all of the Owl City songs, since I've been hearing them a lot. Every time a song starts playing, Teach asked me what song it was, and then I tell her. We loved singing along to the songs that they played on stage. The concert lasted from 8:30 to 10:00. After the concert was over, we were both so happy that we had a lot of fun seeing the Owl City concert and seeing Adam Young up close. Teach and I got some Matthew Koma merchandises, and then we were on our way home to get some sleep. Maybe we'll have some Firefly visions in our sleep, after all, we saw the concert. It was really fun to talk about the most amazing concert that I've ever been to all my life.


  1. How exciting for you. The concert was nice and long...I like that! I hope you have the opportunity to go to many more concerts of you favorite bands in the future!

  2. Oh man, that sounds like such a great concert! I'm excited that you got to go to it, but I wish they would come here too! I want to see Owl City!


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