Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ACT Tests

I might have not told you this before, but I'm a high school Senior at Bingham, and I'm trying not to flunk it. There are some situations that can be frustrating when you're in high school. Some of them might be like trying to get all As in each class, or try to make to school on time. But there is one thing that is frustrating to me. It's the...ACT tests.

For that, I have to take them this week, otherwise, I would never find a good college to attend to after high school. But I kept thinking to myself, "What's the point of going to college to find a job that's just plain boring?" I thought that writing novels, which I'm writing about Scouts, would be a thing that you won't have to go to college. But my Mom convinces that I do the tests, because she paid $34.00 for me to do them. But I'm not much of a student who likes taking tests like this. CRTs weren't much fun some other times. And now I have to take the ACT this whole week. I could've waited for the next semester to take them, but that would disappoint my Mom, who always trusts me about school.

I took the first ACT yesterday on English. I almost cried during it, because I started the test without being told to do so. I was supposed to take another ACT test today at school on math, but the teacher postponed it to another day, starting tomorrow, because she got sick. I'm just saying, taking ACT tests are not that fun, especially if you have to miss class that is really important. Although, taking the ACT test is a bit mind-circling, I still have to take it, even though I don't want to. I hope that I'll keep doing my best on the last three tests on the ACT this week.


  1. Good luck on your tests, I think you'll be glad that you put in the effort to take them. :)

  2. You will do just fine. I am in such awe of your accomplishments and goals!! Keep up the good work! ~karen

  3. I agree that test anxiety is not fun, I struggle with preparing in advance for tests and getting enough rest the week of exams, by doing so I am more stressed! You are very intelligent, the tests won't change that! Colleges will look at test scores, but they will also see the amazing things you have accomplished in the Boy Scouts and in your other activities.


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