Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Temple Square

I love Christmas so much. Never mind that post I thought about for the Christmas Dance. My mom told me that was a bad idea. So I deleted that. So this time, instead of talking about being Under the Mistletoe, I would like to talk about another tradition we love to do. There is another tradition that we love to do every year. We like to go to Temple Square to see their Christmas Lights. It's just like those Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork, but much different. We love seeing Temple Square on Christmastime. It's so beautiful with the Christmas Lights around it.

We went to Temple Square the other night to go see them. My parents, sisters, brothers, and I went there to see them. There was a bag-piper playing church Christmas music. My sisters, brothers and I started to dance like the bag-pipers in kilts. Mom and Dad thought that we were all silly, especially doing a dance like that in Temple Square. Anyway, we walked around Temple Square and we enjoyed seeing all the lights. We love to sing Christmas Church songs. It brings the spirit with us while enjoying the lights. 

We all love to go to Temple Square during Christmastime. It reminds us more about the birth of Jesus. With that, we always remember that Jesus' birth is the important way of how we start to be more grateful of what Christmas is about. I'm still excited for the Christmas Dance on Saturday. I can't wait to have a lot of fun with my date at Bingham High School. I won't be like going Under the Mistletoe like Justin Bieber would.

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