Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pink Christmas

This might seem strange for me, as being an eighteen-year-old man, but every year now since 2010, I have always wanted to have a special Christmas called a Pink Christmas. Now a Pink Christmas has nothing to do about snow. Remember, a Christmas with snow is a White Christmas, and a sad Christmas is blue. Pink Christmas is the time of year when I got a baby sister in the year of 2010, even though she was born in October. She is Baby Doll, herself. She loves to call my name every time I come home from school or any other activity. It's like she loves me so much, even though she's boobing sometimes, if she's sick or not. 

I  love the music of Christmas, I wanted to write a music piece with lyrics on it, but it's hard to figure out what kind of notes sound like Christmas and how the lyrics should go, but I'm sure that someday I'll try to get that figured out and might write other music pieces that talk about Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas on the 25, maybe it'll be a Pink Christmas with Baby Doll.

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  1. What an incredible concept!! Love the pink snow in your picture. Hope you have a joyous holiday surrounded by your loving family. ~karen


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