Friday, December 16, 2011

Miracle of Lights

Remember what I told you before from the lights in Temple Square and the lights in Spanish Fork? Well, I love to put up lights on our house during Christmastime. It comes with good ideas to make the holiday special. There are a lot of ideas that I could think of with a huge house like ours. I come up with ideas, and then they become a miracle. This is why I call them "Miracle of Lights." I tried to put up a sign that would be really spectacular for the holiday. I kept trying to figure out ways on how I can get that sign to stay and be seen. Then I put lights on the sign and wrapped wide clear tape on it so it wouldn't get wet from snow. I thought it would be cool to have a sign that would say Miracle of Lights, just because it can really be a miracle to all the neighbors.
Then there were other ideas to make it spectacular. Every year, I tried to figure out a way to put lights up on our Basketball Hoop, but then I couldn't figure out, until then I remember working with my dad making Pine Wood Derby Cars for the Pack Meeting for his Cub Scouts. I used some special clamps that would wrap the lights around the hoop, instead of putting nails inside the solid plastic square of the hoop.
Another idea I thought of before I ever came up with the other ideas, was I made this fancy tic-tac-toe board on our office and bedroom windows. Then I put some nice Christmas logos on there as doing Xs and Os. You can see that it looks really cool with windows between and above each other.
Then I thought about putting up this Happy Holidays sign on the roof, between my parents bedroom window and the entry-way window. It took me a lot of thought to figure out how to keep the sign stayed onto the walls on the roof. 
Then another ideas came up to me, I thought about how everything in the house would look more like a miracle. I reached a long extension cord to our mailbox and wrapped lights all around it. That is a miracle to make the mailman feel appreciated with the mailbox all decorated.

Then there are other lights that I had put up. There are blow-ups of the Nativity, the big dog, and Snoopy. Then there is the gingerbread house, little train, and rows of candy canes and candles. If you think they look spectacular, then you might as well think that I can come up with good ideas that would be a very nice miracle of lights. As you can see, these are all the lights that I came up with and put up on my own. I didn't even need help on the ground, but I needed some help from my brother-in-law, Gamer on the roof. As a matter of fact, with all these ideas I came up with myself, that really did turn out to be a Miracle of Lights. This is how I can make this holiday really special this year to appreciate all the neighbors of how good it looks.


  1. I found your blog from your Moms blog. Your light display is incredible! I wish I had a gift for putting lights up like you. We have no lights up outside our house because I don't really know how to do it. Way to go!

  2. That really is a Miracle of Lights, they look awesome!


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