Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmastime Will Come Again

I love Christmas so much, even when I'm eighteen, I only got one present from Santa Claus. I got an Ipod Touch and so did my sister, Princess.

My sister and I were excited about them, because you could get internet on them. With asking Dad if he could put internet on mine, he said "Not now, maybe tomorrow." I thought he meant. He would never do it. My Mom and Teach thought that with internet on there, I would be distracted from school, but I don't get distracted from all of that, I get on task on things. I even keep on working on my stuff before using my spare time to look at my blog or my Mom's blog.

Now I'm not just going to talk about what we got for Christmas. I'm going to tell of what we did for Christmas.
Remember that I showed you some of our traditions? Well, there are lots of traditions we love to do. On Christmas Adam (December 23) we love to go on field trips to some places where we love to go. Like this year, we went to Ogden to see Christmas Lights. They were exactly like the ones in Spanish Fork, but all you get to do is walk in the park. We also love to go to Temple Square to see their Christmas lights. I love temple square. It's so beautiful, especially at this time of year. I love to put up our Christmas lights on our house. Since I showed you the miracle of lights on there, there are other things that we love to do.
At home, we love to watch Christmas movies and then do a nice fondue party. We had fondue while we watched "I'll be Home for Christmas" with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

We also love to deliver gifts to other family and friends. I don't want to brag about my Mom, but she is a professional on wrapping presents and to make them look nice so that she wouldn't have to waist a single piece of wrapping paper.

And I went to the Christmas Dance with my date and we had a fun time in our pajamas. Our pajamas were Beauty and the Beast, since it was what they played for a musical in the Bingham Drama Department. But our pajamas didn't show pictures, it just showed some words that describe of what they are like. I wore Beast and my date wore Beauty. My date wanted to try some of the sparkling jello. So I brought some in glass cups and our group tried it. It was so delicious. I even gave each group the recipe. If you want to try it, just go to that link to know how.

With the family now, we also had a Christmas party with our cousins. We did lots of fun things with all of our cousins who came to the party. We made sugar cookies, and frosted them, and then we had fun with our gifts from the time Santa Claus came to the party. He gave Nerf guns with Nerf bullets. They were a bit fun to do a battlefield in the projector room. 

mms95picture.jpgmms95picture.jpgmms95picture.jpgAnyway, beside all the things we've done during Christmastime, there is one thing that I did do on Christmas Eve, I wanted to be a more charitable man on Christmas. That was when I had a bag of home-made pinewood derby cars. I wanted to donate them to a place where there were kids who could play with them. My sister Bossy, found an open place that we could donate them. It was the Family Homeless Shelter. I dressed in my scout uniform that I haven't worn since my Final Court of Honor. Bossy and I went to the Homeless shelter before everything was about to be closed down for the holiday. The host of the Homeless Shelter was thrilled to have the derby cars so that the kids can paint them at a painting class. I even signed a donation slip for myself to show it to the family that I donated the derby cars.

Every Christmas Eve at each year, we love to open our presents and see new sets of pajamas. Well this, is what we got. We got pajamas with our blog names on the front of our pajama shirts and the blog website on the back. Our pajama pants were all checkerboard with red and magenta squares. The one right on my shoulders is my sister Baby Doll. She is a loveable baby girl. She really loves to see me when I come home from school or any other activity. As a matter of fact, I'm kind of getting used to love music and understand notes a little. I learned how to play three Christmas songs on the piano. Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and We wish you a Merry Christmas.
I wish that I could write new Christmas songs for this year, but I haven't had time. Maybe by the time, I graduate from high school, I could write the music of each one for next Christmas. I thought of titles and lyrics of each one. I thought of Pink Christmas, Christmas Bouquet, Chocolate Snow, Dance Decorations, Yule Workouts, Season Struggles, Magic Belief, Christmas Cars, Quickly Wrapping, Lots of lyrics like that. I just hope that next year, I will get those lyrics noted and played for the next Christmas. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Christmastime will come again next year. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!