Friday, May 4, 2012

Half Birthday

This might be a strange post to write about, but this is a holiday that can happen to one person. You get a half-birthday. A Half-birthday is a day that is on the date of a month from the sixth month of the year that has been on your birthday. Like my birthday is on November 4th and my half-birthday is on May 4th. That's the holiday when you just sing yourself half the birthday song and then you get to choose an activity you want to do. One tradition about half-birthdays we used to do, was we let the half-birthday person have a treat, but then we decided to change that tradition, because it sounded too overwhelming. So we decided that letting the person choose an activity is much better. Do you have a half-birthday that's on the sixth month of the year from your real birthday? If you have, then that sounds awesome.


  1. How fun, I celebrated my half birthday on May 4th as well! I woke up that morning and told my husband that he better be nice to me because it was my half birthday! I even made myself some brownies! I think I remember your mom blogging about your birthday last year and realizing we have the same birthday, but I forgot about that until I saw your post!

    I hope you had a fantastic half birthday!

  2. I think this is an excellent idea since my birthday is December 29th - would love to have a celebration in the middle of the year too.
    I am so worth it!
    or like Alice in Wonderland, we could celebrate all the 'unbirthdays' ;)

  3. A half-birthday, I like that concept!! Mine would be in March. I love the picture you posted of that very handsome young man. ~karen


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