Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Little Sisters Princess and Prima Donna

Prima Donna
I would like to talk about other siblings that are kind of fun to have. They are Princesss and Prima Donna. They are kind of fun to have sisters, because they are good sisters when they are ballarinas. They are dance girls, like I'm a dance boy also. But it's not just about dance, it's about their personality. Princess is like a princess like either Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Repunzel, or any other princess that can be like her. Prima Donna is kind of a ballerina that thinks she can raise supreme on other ballerinas, but she can be nice. There is One Thing about them. I said One Thing right? Well that is a song by One Direction. And speaking of One Direction, Princess and Prima Donna have started to become biggest fan of them. I think when I hear these songs, I think I'll be a fan of them too. I bet someday Princess and Prima Donna want to go to a One Direction concert if they ever came to Utah. That might happen someday. Well That's what Princess and Prima Donna are like. If you like to, you can see these videos by One Direction.


  1. And pretty sisters they are, too!!

  2. They are pretty amazing girls!

  3. You always post such fun videos! I love the songs that you are showing us. And your sisters found pretty great! I always wanted a little sister!


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