Monday, June 18, 2012

Autistic Letter to the U.S. President

This might be either a weird or awesome method to say. You know, this summer, my family and I are planning to go to Nauvoo, for summer vacation. We also were about to go pass Washington D.C. to see the White House My Mom's friend at the Graduation party suggested that I should right a letter to the U.S. president to see if it could be delivered to him and that I could meet him. I'm not sure if that would happen, but if you can make a campaign on this, I could get the chance to meet him. This is how I wrote the letter, to see if you think it's acceptable to the president or not.

June 7, 2012

Dear President Barack Obama,

My name is [Dog Walker] and I’m from Utah. I am autistic and have been autistic since I was born. You might have heard from the time that I am the Boy Scout who earned all 132 merit badges. The fame I had was really amazing, just to prove to everybody that people with autism can do anything. The fame I had has been going on and on since last September. It’s been the best accomplishment for me in my life.

Throughout life with autism, I haven’t spoke until the age of seven and I have been quoting from movies a lot when I’m by myself, like I have memorized all the quotes from two movies called The Lion King and A Goofy Movie. That is amazing huh? Anyway, back to the rest of my life as being autistic, I’ve been struggling with education in kindergarten and preschool.

Now that I’m out of high school, I’m going to plan to go to college. College might be a little scary at first, but I dealt with the higher moments of school for a while and they were all amazing. I’ll just have to deal with college to see if I can try to get a degree for a good job. Going to college will be the next challenge for me as an autistic person, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get used to new things in life. I have a whole sash of all of my merit badges that I have passed off and I’m an assistant Cubmaster with my dad.

We are planning to visit Washington DC in July and we would love to see you in the White House. You are the most amazing president of the US. It’s nice writing to you.


[Dog Walker]

If you think it's acceptable, then that's great. Let's just hope that the letter will work and see if I can get a respond from him.


  1. I think this is a great letter! I hope that you get a response from him.

  2. Nice letter Nate :) I'm proud of you. -Mohan


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