Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dreams Don't Turn to Dust--- do they?

This might be a little wierd to all of you that I'd be talking about dreams that I've been having. So this is the question. Do dreams turn to dust? They might depending on what kinds. Or else, Dreams Don't Turn to Dust could be a song by Owl City.

But besides talking about that, I've been having wierd dreams ever since I could remember. There is one weird dream that I had in October. I had a dream that my sister, Teach was eating candy corn (which she doesn't like) but it wasn't ordinary candy corn. It was candy corn covered in blue glitter. I thought that one was the most weird dream anyone would ever have.

Then just right on yesterday morning I just got a really scary one. That dream was about me being in the army with a friend of my big brother, Gym Rat's. We were all soldiers inside a round giant room on the top of a building. Then there came gunshots that all of us, soldiers started to scatter to try to get out of the room. I thought it was going to be the end of my life, but then peaceful music started to play. In fact, the peaceful music was the Owl City Fireflies ringtone on my phone that finally interrupted the dream. It was a dream that I wanted to get out of. It was a good thing.

Sweet Dreams!
The ringtone on my phone played
this peaceful song to help me
get out of the military nightmare!
Anyway, I realized that dreams can be either good, bad, or just weird. Dreams were made for our lives to make us realize of what might or not happen in the future. So, let's just say that we don't need our dreams to turn to dust. Let's just face of what might happen next. Sweet Dreams.

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