Saturday, June 30, 2012

My elder sister, Bossy and brother-in-law, Gamer

Sorry about everything that took long, I was gone at Youth Conference for something to do with church, you may have noticed the letter I wrote to President Obama that I'm hoping I'll get a response from him. Anyway, I'm going back to talking about some of my siblings, right now, I'm talking about my elder sister who is number one. Her name is Bossy. She is called that because she can really boss people just to respect her, but she is a very nice person if you take a look at her. She's a helper on my Mom's blog, sometimes. And every Thanksgiving, she makes 14-layer jello. She can do amazing things as an elder sister, depending on fun things she likes to do and to make others happy. She is and has been a mother since she got married in 2004. She has two sons named Taco and Burrito. She has stepson named Bean Dip, but I never wanted to say stepson, because it makes her feel bad. But Bean Dip is a wonderful boy that can be amazing, I think I'll talk about her kids someday. 
With Gamer, he is cool if you get to know him, he likes to tease people, but that's only to make people laugh, not to like make them annoyed. Just a secret or not, I kind of get annoyed every time he teases me. It's very nice that he is Hispanic, because every year on Cinco De Mayo, he gets a good pinata for us at the Mexican store where the cashier is Hispanic just like him. That he can deal with people who understand Spanish. Maybe someday he'll be able to teach Bossy how to speak Spanish very well, just like what he did on Cinco De Mayo.
Bossy and Gamer are really a nice husband and wife that they come over to our house on special occasions or maybe just for fun. As I like to say about them, since I have been putting music videos of the singer or band that my siblings love to listen to, Bossy and Gamer like the band called Train. That's what they like to hear. If you would like to, these are the Train videos that they like to listen to, called Drive By and Hey Soul Sister. They are amazing just like them. Until next time, I'll think of something that can make siblings sound like the greatest people online.  

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  1. I LOVE Soul Sister, it is one of my very favorite songs! Thanks for sharing about Bossy & Gamer! I don't know a lot about them, so it was fun to learn a little bit! Your Cinco de Mayo party with a good pinata sounds like a lot of fun!


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