Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduation Day

Like I promised before that I would talk about that day when I graduated from Bingham High School, I figured that Graduation was a wonderful day, even though the ceremony lasted for hours to go on with that we had to talk about how the high school year went with us. Principal Hicks gave a long speech and rewarded some seniors of their scholarships and their talents that have faced throughout high school. I wasn't one of those students that win big awards like basketball or anything like that, except for Honor Roll. Anyway, right when the ceremony was close to over, we got in lines for all the graduates to get their diplomas. I got my diploma. Which that was an amazing thing. Right when the ceremony was over, I turned in the gown and I was allowed to keep the cap. Right when I turned the cap in, I went back to Mom and Dad, and they asked me what kind of restaurant we should go to, and I suggested Chuck-A-Rama, but when we got there, it was crowded. I thought that's way too popular on Graduation Day, Mom suggest Red Robin, but that one was way too popular on Graduation Day, so then I suggested Japanese Restaurant. It's the one we went to before, so I suggested that one, because it's like everybody hardly goes there. So we picked that one. It was good there, except for Sushi. I tried Sushi before, it was so nasty, even though I had to try it on Graduation Day. At least it was understandable that I don't like Sushi. Anyway, later that night, I went to the Senior Grad Party. That lasted at 11:00 pm to 4:00 am. Crazy, huh? Well it was a blast that I did wonderful dance moves that I have learned in Just Dance. And speaking of Just Dance, they had Just Dance at the party and I won an iTunes Gift Card for doing amazing on Just Dance in the song called I Was Made for Loving You by KISS. There were a lot of things going on at the Senior Grad Party that were really fun to do even though it lasted all night. Anyway, this Graduation Day was really the best day of my life, and so was the Senior Dinner Dance that I someday would like to talk about it. At least I loved listening to Pomp and Circumstance, especially this video I found that's off of Fantasia 2000. Next time, I'll talk about another fun thing that's ever happened to any of us.  


  1. That sounds like an awesome day! I love Just Dance, it's one of my favorite Wii games! Congratulations on graduating! I remember that we tried to go out to dinner after my graduation and we ended up going to Wendys because it was the only place that wasn't busy!

  2. What a day!! Congratulations to you!! The pictures you posted are great!


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