Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bicycle and Rain

It was just earlier today of what I had to do before the Charity Race on Saturday, for my cycling merit badge in Scouts. My mom wanted me to go on a long bike ride as long as I can to stay in shape for the Charity race. So I went out the door, checked the bike tires, but my water bottle in the cup holder, and started to peddle. I noticed outside that there were dark clouds, looking like it was going to rain. Right when I started to ride, I heard thunder, but I kept on peddling, and went around our block just like I always do.

Right in the middle of the ride, I felt big raindrops falling all over me, I kept stopping once in a while to have a water break to stay hydrated. Then, things just got worse, the rain came down really hard, it felt like a hailstorm. I was about to call my Mom to come and pick me up from the rain, but I didn't want my cell phone to get wet. So I kept on going while in the hard rain.

Right when I was almost home from the bike ride in the rain, the rain started to stop and then the sun came back out from the clouds. It was a relief that the rain stopped when I was going through it. I should have learned a lesson about going on bike rides or not going on bike rides, depending on the weather. So I'm going to try to ride a bike when the weather is more nice than this, before the Charity Race. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to get in shape for it.

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