Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movie Memorization

There are a lot of things that I have been doing since I was like a little kid, as an autistic one, I have been watching a lot of these movies of The Lion King and A Goofy Movie. All my life, I've been quoting from each of these movies. And now, I have memorized all of the quotes from each of these two. Here's a quote off the Lion King, "He'd make a very handsome throwrug. And just think, whenever he get's dirty, you can take him out and beat him."
There's also a quote from a Goofy Movie, "If I were you Mr. Goof, I'd seriously reavaluate the way you're raising your child, BEFORE HE ENDS UP IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!"
That's really amazing for an autistic guy like me to memorize all the quotes from two movies like the Lion King and A Goofy Movie.

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  1. You are the silliest autistic boy that would say that you have been watching too much of those movies in order to memorize all the quotes.
    But that's cool.



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